Visiting Singapore Zoo

The Zoo offers various packages and we purchased the generic ticket along with the river safari + night safari. We started the day enjoying a nice Singaporean meal and afterwards headed to the main entrance. While walking around and taking pictures, we’ve noticed there were stops for performances and the polar bear show caught our attention. It was our first time to see one live and it looked really beautiful. We also watched a seal show which was super cute and funny. The funniest thing I saw was a sign that said “Zebras Exhibit-proudly adopted by KFC”.

Singapore Zoo

After walking around, we stopped for a break and sat under flickering lights eating Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream and were enjoying each others company. It was kind of like an interrogation because of the flickering lights. Anyway our Zoo trip ended with the Night Safari and we continued the night at Marina Bay Sands.

Singapore Zoo

We highly recommend it, it’s a fun place to be with family and friends. Especially with children. Lots of entertainment and lots to see. The Zoo is massive with lots of activities and restaurants. If you ever visit Singapore that place is a must. It’s the BEST RAIN-FOREST ZOO.

Check out their website to book a ticket in advance.  

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