Turkey – Istanbul The Magical City

When I told my close friends Miassar and Christina that I’ll be travelling to Istanbul for 3 days, they immediately started recommending places to visit; Christina even lent me her book about Istanbul and highlighted the main attractions and restaurants. My friends are pretty serious travellers and always give excellent advices. While discussing Istanbul, I could see the excitement in their eyes and feel their admiration for the city.

I’ve watched numerous Turkish series and American movies that were filmed in Istanbul and also saw tons of pictures posted by my friends on their facebook accounts and just by looking at those images, I found it incredible.

I remember landing in Istanbul-Asia at 1 AM and took a taxi to Istanbul-Europe, the first thing I got to see was the Bosporus Bridge late night and the lights lighting up the Blue Mosque. The city looked so magical. I want to call it the ‘magical city’, because of the mixture of history and modern being blended together. Like the old street with modern transport, the old buildings with the modern lifestyle.

I love Istanbul, besides the fact that Tim and I got engaged there, I love it because of its food LOL  the Kebabs, Izkandar and of course their famous Shawarma sandwiches. We also had fresh cooked fish sandwiches in Eminonu with a pickled drink. Speaking of drinks, are you a coffee lover??? A Turkish coffee is a must. Yes, it is strong coffee but tasty. We had Turkish coffee 3 times a day in Istanbul.

Tim and I are planning on visiting Turkey again however next time would be in another city but I have a feeling nothing is comparable to Istanbul.


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