Morocco – Game of Thrones

When I first met Tim, he managed to convince me to watch Game of Thrones (GoT) which led me to become a GoT addict. There’s something about that show that grabs your full attention and attaches you to the characters that die in the most hideous way. My favourite character who is not dead yet is Khaleesi (The Mother of Dragons). Besides that Tim and I are born on the year of the Dragon; her character is powerful and is a great example to women.

Tim and I visited a place called Essaouria, it’s a historical city of Blue & White and GoT was filmed there. FYI, Khaleesi’s scenes were shot there. The city also has modern buildings where many Spanish and French investors purchase apartments and either rent it out or reside during summer.

Essaouria was only a 1 day trip, we did not do any crazy activity. The trip wasn’t a hassle, we spent it on the beach and had lunch at a seafood restaurant. Of course! Visited the castle and market where GoT was filmed. We also did a little shopping and took lots of pictures.


Sunshine Blogger Award

Award is an award given to bloggers by bloggers. It is given to “bloggers who are positive and creatively inspire others in theblogosphere”.

I was nominated by the absolutely wonderful AnywhereWithBrooke. This blog is no joke, and I’m still trying to remain calm that I could possibly even be nominated, let alone read, by them. Some travel blogs skimp on content, but I truly love to read, recommend, and re read these posts. If you need a recommendation for just one post, check out

Here are the rules for the Sunshine Award:

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The Questions

When did you start your first blog and if it is not the current one about what it was?

  • I started my first blog in 2014 however after I got married, I decided to start as a couple travel blog.

Dream travel destination?

  • Anywhere I’ve never been to

Name one book/movie that has inspired you

  • It’s common..I’d say Eat, Pray & Love just because I experienced it all in Singapore. However I also enjoyed reading Alchemist. 

What countries have you traveled to?

  • With my husband: Singapore, Morocco, UAE, Oman, Turkey, USA, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Maldives, UK and Lebanon

Tell something funny that has happened for you in plane

  • I woke up on a strangers shoulder once and was hugging his arm. AWKWARD 

What is your own favorite post from your blog?

  • How we met 🙂 

What are your three must listen road trip songs?

  • Born to be Wild, Highway to Hell and Bohemian Rhapsody 

Do you believe in destiny?

  • As it says in Alchemist ‘Maktub’ which means written in Arabic. The actual meaning is ‘your destiny is written by God’.

Share your secret blogging advice with everyone

  • Read others blogs and share 🙂 that’s how you help others grow audiences and that’s how you also get more readers 🙂

Train, car, ship or plane travel? Which one do you prefer?

  • Depends on the distance

Introduce your blog in three words

  • Interracial Couple Travel

11 amazing blogs


Your questions:

I’m sorry but I really really liked the questions I answered and want to know that about all of you. So here you go:

  • When did you start your first blog and if it is not the current one about what it was?
  • Dream travel destination?
  • Name one book/movie that has inspired you
  • What countries have you traveled to?
  • Tell something funny that has happened for you in plane
  • What is your own favorite post from your blog?
  • What are your three must listen road trip songs?
  • Do you believe in destiny?
  • Share your secret blogging advice with everyone
  • Train, car, ship or plane travel? Which one do you prefer?
  • Introduce your blog in three words

I hope you have a great day!

Morocco – The Red Door to Marrakesh

Marrakesh is known as the ‘Red City’. Everything that was surrounding us was red, the buildings, the sand, the mountains, etc…. I remember when landing in Marrakesh, I was so astonished by the colour and how old the city looked; it was like going back in time. Like a little child, I had my hands against the window and was staring with my mouth wide open.

Tim cracked a joke that if anyone would ask for the location of our hotel, we should say it’s the red hotel next to the red building which is right opposite the other red building. But we had no issues, we always managed to spot our hotel. Actually we stayed in a Riad, in a place called ‘Maison bel Baraka’; which translates to House of Blessings. Riad is a large cultural house being used as a hotel. The owners of the Riad, were an interracial couple. Rashid a Moroccan man and Charlotte a Greek lady who met in Marrakesh and fell in love.


With houses being only coloured red, you can distinguish the difference by the doors because of the variety of colours and designs. I kept pestering Tim about taking photos of the doors.

There is an Arabic saying by Hayat AlYaqout:

أن الباب هو كل شيء . إذا اخترت الباب الصحيح ، فقداخترت الدرب الصحيح

(Ina-Al Bab Huwa Kul Shai. Etha Ekhtarta Al Bab Al Saheeh Faqad Ekhtart Al Darb Al Saheeh)


Which translates to …

“That the door is everything. If you choose the right door, you have chosen the right path.”

I took lots of pictures of closed doors and not knowing what is behind it but I’ll say Marrakesh was my door, my colourful red door; the door that opened great opportunities, the path that led me to adventures to a world resembling Never Land where Tim’s Peter and I’m Wendy.



LONDON – City of Inspiration and Creativity

Sadly we had 2 days in London which I personally think is not enough to explore the city. I believe if I  ever moved there, I will never get bored of that place. There are so many things to see and restaurants to try. We managed to be proper tourist and visited the main attractions like Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, London Eye, London Dungeons and Madame Tussauds.

During our second day in London, Tim and I visited Borough Market where we had Spanish oysters, Turkish coffee and French cheese. Later that day we met up with my friend Elise for dinner in Carnby. Tim and I also did some shopping at Harrods and Oxford Street. I was amazed by how many GGC nationals were there shopping, it felt I was back in Dubai.

The main thing I love about London is the blend of modern and history, similarly to what I felt about Istanbul. London is a perfect place to be creative; everything is spectacular like the architecture, roads, art, museums… I can go on and on. Speaking of museums, Tim is a physicist and is in love with science however on the other hand, C’EST MOI oh well I’m like Penny from The Big Bang Theory. So while strolling the streets of London, I asked Tim if he can take me to a museum. Tim just smirked and said ‘Oh I know where to take you’ and YES!! We ended up going to a SCIENCE MUSEUM. Ladies and Gentle, that’s my cheeky husband. Anyway I got to learn the history of vehicles and the only thing that amazed me in that museum was the glow in the dark room.

London is in my top 5 favourite cities in the world, I can’t wait for my next visit and explore more.



Palestinian Refugee Visiting the UK

Before travelling to the UK, I had extremely low expectation of the country and especially London. Many factors led me to think like that, starting with the way I’m treated in Dubai, everyone I know complains about the British weather, also the stereotype that British people are as cold as their weather and finally the visa centre for giving me a hard time and rejecting my first application for minor reasons.

Anyhow, Tim and I landed in Heathrow airport and it was my first visit to the UK and amusingly the lady at the passport control counter cracked a joke about my travel document saying “it’s been ages I haven’t seen one of those”. FYI, I have a ‘travel document’ which is issued by the Lebanese Government for Palestinian Refugees and is still HANDWRITTEN. She also advised us that in our next trip, I get to stand in the EU/UK passport line. My reaction was ‘OMG! This is the first time anyone at passport control treated me in a  nice and respectful manner’. 

Besides the fact that my travel document is handwritten, it is only written in French and Arabic (يا الله / Oh Mon Dieu). The amount of crap I receive at airports and of course being interrogated and waiting for translators to translate my enormous booklet. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very proud to be PALESTINIAN but passport control are just pain in the @$$.

After landing in London and passing immigration feeling like the queen of the world, everyone I interacted with was nice. It felt weird at first but later made me feel very welcomed. Before heading to Hayling, we stopped at a rent a car in London and everyone who worked there were a racial mix of Asians and Africans with a strong British accent.

After spending days in the country side, Tim and I decided to stay in London for 2 days before flying back to Dubai. Honestly, I was impressed by the lovely city, country and the British people. Everyone was friendly, helpful and polite. I fell in love with the people, British culture and the UK weather LOL.


UK – A Day in Reading, Watford & Oxford

We planned a fun outing with Tim’s college friends Ryan and Gina who are extremely down to earth and are very friendly. We’ve organised an outing to hit some golf balls up at Watford, Hertz.


Before heading there, Tim and I made a stop at Reading early in the morning for coffee and muffins and went for a walk around his area. He used to live there before moving to Dubai.


After having our breakfast we headed to Watford to play golf at a place called ‘Top Golf’. Yeah! I looked like a complete loser but I enjoyed it.


Top Golf, Watford


<iframe src=”!1m18!1m12!1m3!1d16648.12543327!2d-0.39006026252779796!3d51.664255083128275!2m3!1f0!2f0!3f0!3m2!1i1024!2i768!4f13.1!3m3!1m2!1s0x48761552afae4e99%3A0xb94a2438b3966f96!2sTopgolf+Watford!5e0!3m2!1sen!2sae!4v1500864651862″; width=”600″ height=”450″ frameborder=”0″ style=”border:0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

After playing for hours, we decided to drive to Oxford for lunch and explore the area.





UK – 3 hours in Oxford

Oxford is a stunning historic city, although it’s gloomy there’s something about it. I view people from Oxford as highly educated and awfully posh.


We manage to visit parts of the Oxford University and checked out a museum and library. While exploring the area, we stopped and bought burritos to eat while walking.

Oxford made me feel like I was in Hogwarts and in Oxford is where I had my first Portuguese Custard Tarts. Thank you Gina!


UK – Inn on the Beach

After months of trying to select an inexpensive place to celebrate our nuptial, we then decided on a restaurant by the beach called ‘Inn on the Beach’. I never thought a set menu in the UK would cost more than a buffet in Dubai. It was very difficult to select a place but overall Tim and I were very pleased with our selection. The food was delicious and service was spot on.

It’s quite a cosy restaurant by the beach and has a wonderful view. The menu is great for a casual meal or a proper dish. Since being by the sea, I recommend to start with the smoked mackerel and have the fisherman’s platter for 2 and end it with a delicious toffee pudding.


Sri Lanka – Sigiriya Rock

I’m not really a good story teller but here goes….

Once upon a time, there was a King who ruled the lands of Sri Lanka. He had 2 sons; the eldest, a ‘bastard’ an illegitimate child from the mistress who was neglected by society. And there was the King’s second son, a royal breed whose mother was the Queen of Sri Lanka.


Years passed and the King declared that his legitimate son is the heir to the throne because he is born from a royal family. The announcement made the first son furious which led him to kill the King. The young prince knew that his bastard brother will go after him and kill him so he escaped to India. The eldest son then decided to change the ruling and wanted to build a new kingdom.

He then decided to build his palace on the Sigiriya Rock.

10 years later the second son formed an army in India and made a grand return to Sri Lanka. He fought against his brother and won the battle. The bastard king killed himself because he couldn’t defeat his younger brother. So the kingdom was restored to its actual location and the rock was used by Buddhist monks which is now a tourist attraction.


….and everyone lived Happily Ever After

UK – Portsmouth

You can actually see Portsmouth from Hayling Island; it’s a small city that has a mini Burj Al Arab ironically named ‘EMIRATES Spinnaker Tower’. After having lunch on Hayling, we drove for 20 minutes to Gunwharf Quays for some shopping but I wasn’t feeling well so I didn’t get to enjoy it much. I generally like the idea of the outdoor shopping since in Dubai we have air-conditioned malls because of the heat.



The 3 main attractions which I would like to go to if I ever visit again would be the Charles Dickens’s Museum and inside the 1860 ship which is located on Portsmouth Historic Dockyard which I managed to take pictures of and lastly I’d like to visit the observation deck located in the Emirates Spinnaker the baby Burj Al Arab.


I just hope I don’t fall ill in my next visit. It’s an amazing place to go shopping.