UK – Hayling Island

Tim was raised on a small¬†island all the way down south called ‘Hayling Island’. It is a very chillaxed place and perfect for retirement.

First day we landed in UK, we rented a car and drove straight to Hayling and met my beautiful sister in-law ‘Lucy’ and her husband ‘Steve’. We later drove around the Island and stopped at local stores to buy some items we needed and I purchased a cough syrup and cold & flu pills as I wasn’t cooping well with the weather. C’MON I’m a Dubai girl, I was born and raised in the desert; of course I can’t handle the cold.


The Island is famous for surfing and water sports but I was unlucky due to visiting in winter so we didn’t manage to do much of outdoor activities BUT we did go to a restaurant really close to the beach, which is recommended on TripAdvisor. It’s called ‘Coast Guard Fish & Chips’. Not kidding you, till date, it’s the most delicious Fish & Chips I’ve ever had.


On a Sunday, Tim wanted me to have a full British experience of enjoying a ¬£2 Sunday Roast and to appreciate and embrace the British culture (I think I already did, our apartment is filled with the Union Jack). My mother in-law was with me while I was selecting my roast, the guy cutting the meat said something to me but I couldn’t hear him properly so my mother in-law repeated whatever he said and told him that it was my first visit to the UK. He actually thought I couldn’t speak English and said in an extremely slow pace ‘WELCOMEEE TOOO ENGGGLAAANDDD’. So I just smiled and pretended that I couldn’t speak English.


My overall experience on Hayling was relaxing like I said its very much a chillaxing place. Would I live there? Absolutely Yes, when I turn 60 and want to retire. I hope some day I get to visit the Island during summer time and enjoy the outdoor activities.


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