UK – Inn on the Beach

After months of trying to select an inexpensive place to celebrate our nuptial, we then decided on a restaurant by the beach called ‘Inn on the Beach’. I never thought a set menu in the UK would cost more than a buffet in Dubai. It was very difficult to select a place but overall Tim and I were very pleased with our selection. The food was delicious and service was spot on.

It’s quite a cosy restaurant by the beach and has a wonderful view. The menu is great for a casual meal or a proper dish. Since being by the sea, I recommend to start with the smoked mackerel and have the fisherman’s platter for 2 and end it with a delicious toffee pudding.


Sri Lanka – Sigiriya Rock

I’m not really a good story teller but here goes….

Once upon a time, there was a King who ruled the lands of Sri Lanka. He had 2 sons; the eldest, a ‘bastard’ an illegitimate child from the mistress who was neglected by society. And there was the King’s second son, a royal breed whose mother was the Queen of Sri Lanka.


Years passed and the King declared that his legitimate son is the heir to the throne because he is born from a royal family. The announcement made the first son furious which led him to kill the King. The young prince knew that his bastard brother will go after him and kill him so he escaped to India. The eldest son then decided to change the ruling and wanted to build a new kingdom.

He then decided to build his palace on the Sigiriya Rock.

10 years later the second son formed an army in India and made a grand return to Sri Lanka. He fought against his brother and won the battle. The bastard king killed himself because he couldn’t defeat his younger brother. So the kingdom was restored to its actual location and the rock was used by Buddhist monks which is now a tourist attraction.


….and everyone lived Happily Ever After

UK – Portsmouth

You can actually see Portsmouth from Hayling Island; it’s a small city that has a mini Burj Al Arab ironically named ‘EMIRATES Spinnaker Tower’. After having lunch on Hayling, we drove for 20 minutes to Gunwharf Quays for some shopping but I wasn’t feeling well so I didn’t get to enjoy it much. I generally like the idea of the outdoor shopping since in Dubai we have air-conditioned malls because of the heat.



The 3 main attractions which I would like to go to if I ever visit again would be the Charles Dickens’s Museum and inside the 1860 ship which is located on Portsmouth Historic Dockyard which I managed to take pictures of and lastly I’d like to visit the observation deck located in the Emirates Spinnaker the baby Burj Al Arab.


I just hope I don’t fall ill in my next visit. It’s an amazing place to go shopping.