Morocco – Game of Thrones

When I first met Tim, he managed to convince me to watch Game of Thrones (GoT) which led me to become a GoT addict. There’s something about that show that grabs your full attention and attaches you to the characters that die in the most hideous way. My favourite character who is not dead yet is Khaleesi (The Mother of Dragons). Besides that Tim and I are born on the year of the Dragon; her character is powerful and is a great example to women.

Tim and I visited a place called Essaouria, it’s a historical city of Blue & White and GoT was filmed there. FYI, Khaleesi’s scenes were shot there. The city also has modern buildings where many Spanish and French investors purchase apartments and either rent it out or reside during summer.

Essaouria was only a 1 day trip, we did not do any crazy activity. The trip wasn’t a hassle, we spent it on the beach and had lunch at a seafood restaurant. Of course! Visited the castle and market where GoT was filmed. We also did a little shopping and took lots of pictures.


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