Sri Lanka- Safari

Well it was an experience but would I recommend it to anyone? NO!!!

It was not worth the $50 we paid. It was a 2 hours jeep safari. We drove into a forest with monkeys, umm cows, birds and peacocks but mainly elephants.

We managed to take awesome pictures. If you haven’t seen elephants and you were just visiting Habrana, then I recommend the safari but otherwise not really.




Sri Lanka – A Trip to Mini England

Our guide Zudhi took us to a cold place called Nuwara Eliya. It’s where people from the cities, mainly Colombo visit because of the cool weather and change of scenery.

The location was discovered by an English Governor in 1800’s. He built a Governor Hotel which looks very much like an old English town. Zudhi later took us to a very British restaurant near the lake where we had lunch and drank tea. We were embracing the British culture in Sri Lanka LOL.

Tim and I walked in the little town and visited a garden of wonderland. I recommend you visit the place because it feels like visiting Europe and but in Asia. 🙂