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Our first dinner in LA was at The Counter Downtown, one of the best burger places EVER. Luckily, they opened a branch in Dubai which is like 20 minutes away from our place. Food is cheap and massively up-sized in the States. I was surprised when I found out  that a regular McDonald’s meal is a large sized meal in Dubai.

In the 10 days we were there I gained 4 kilos.

The burgers and pizzas were so greasily delicious but man I just couldn’t finish any of them. There was a pizza place we ate at called Stage Deli in Vegas which did not cost much compared to other restaurants in Vegas but if you want to save up some money in Vegas, dine at any restaurant that serves buffets. It is surprisingly cheap. Check out the HEART ATTACK restaurant, well I wouldn’t be able to eat there.

Milkshakes, smoothies, junk food, candy, everything there is YUMM YUMMY YUM YUM YUM. Tim and I pigged on Mexican food at Olvera Street. The day we both were travelling back home, we stopped at a sub place that sells cheap sandwiches and coffee. Personally the coffee was terrible but my GOD! The sandwich was heavenly. We ate the sandwich at the train station and there was this guy who kept staring at our sandwich and jokingly asked Tim to share his sandwich (I really don’t think he was joking though). I was eating the sandwich with so much love and dropped the mustard on my shoes and oil everywhere ahh it was one of the best sandwiches I ever had. I was very similar to Joey from F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

When in LA, Tim and I stopped at Target and 7/11 to buy chocolates and candies for back home; we managed to buy lots that were not available in Dubai. I was amazed that they don’t sell or even have Galaxy chocolates in the U.S. AND that kinder is illegal in America..SAY WHAT??!!! One thing that surprised me though was the big chips ahoy cookies and it had M&Ms all over it YUMMY, enormous chocolate chip and OTHER YUMMY TO THE TUMMY stuff.

I think this is such a random food blog. Well anyway I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE FOOD.


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