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Tim and I got back from our US and UK trip and got super busy catching up with work and friends. I’m trying to manage my time with house work, work work, social life and mainly blogging.

I work in Real Estate and with the current market status, it is very challenging to reach targets and I had to put all my energy into it. It made me feel guilty since I haven’t blogged for quite some time. I’ve got lots to share with you about my previous trips and the one I  recently had however I was finishing my online course for WordPress Website and Blog Builder and WUHU I’M DONE. Yes! I am taking blogging seriously.

During my lunch break or short breaks at work, I’d sit down and brainstorm my next blogs.  I have a Game of Thrones note book where I write my stories and my future ideas for this blog. So far I’ve drafted 14 stories and will need to select and edit some pictures.

I also got busy with creating social media accounts, so far I signed up for Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Obviously all are called BellionTravels (PLEASE FOLLOW) I’m trying to manage my time to follow up with all especially replying and reading other bloggers.

So here I am, making sure you guys know I haven’t disappeared or died. I’m very much ALIVE and ready to blog…

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