USA – Grand Canyon & Native Americans

Tim was the one who suggested visiting the Grand Canyon since we would be in Vegas for few days. So I went online and searched for tour packages Grand Canyon and we finalised andĀ decided to take the air-plane option.


The tour started when a van filled with tourists pickedĀ us up from our hotel and headed to a local airport where they gave us an introduction on what to do in Arizona and where we will be stopping. I managed to get a seat next to the pilot so I had a better view and better experience. I was a co-pilot for an hour but on our way back I exchanged my seat with a Korean teenager to be able to take a nap lol.


Anyway when we landed in Arizona, we took a bus around the canyon and stopped at 3 main stops and managed to take lots of pictures. It is indescribable; it is magical and much more beautiful than what you see in pictures in books or on websites. Best part of the trip was hanging out with Native Americans, I find them very beautiful and I’m in love with their culture ever since I was a child.



Before heading back to Vegas, Tim and I bought lots of Native American items and also bought a dream catcher AND worms. YUP! WE ATE WORMS. I would love to visit again and experience another side of the canyon because IT IS HUGE and lots of areas to explore, perhaps on a helipad or walking tour which are the other tour packages.



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