Sri Lanka – A Fun Trip to the Village

By far the village trip was my favourite; Zudhi (our guide) joined us because we needed a translator.

Below are the highlights of our Village Trip:

  • It started with a carriage ride which was dragged by a bull that took us to a wooden boat which of course led us to the village (those were and still are the actual forms of transportation in Sri Lanka).
  • We had proper Sri Lankan food prepared by the village people (not the band) and they prepared the meal mild spicy for the tourists to be able to eat and the sweet lady who was very hospitable taught us how to prepare coconut chilli paste.
  • After our meal with the villagers, we went on a Tuk Tuk (another form of transportation) and drove through the farmers’ field to get to our car.

The village trip was the highlight of our honeymoon, we had so much fun experiencing the culture, meeting villagers and eating proper Sri Lankan food using our hands.

This trip is a must, if you ever visit the beautiful Sri Lanka.

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