Halloween Party -2015

This was my first time ever to carve a pumpkin and I decided to carve a minion. Yes, I’m pretty much obsessed. Tim’s skull looks awesome though, don’t cha agree?


For Halloween we attended my friends ‘Christina’s Halloween party.  I went as a witch and Tim went as a lizard.


We spent the night playing games and enjoying snacks. Mimi wore a cereal box around her neck with a knife (get it?? serial killer) LOL.


Halloween is always fun around good company and good friends, we just spent the whole night mingling and playing the game MAFIA which made us laugh a lot.


high light of the party, Tim’s mask lol

Halloween Party – 2016

Happy Halloween Ya’ll


This year, Tim and I decided to skip the whole pumpkin carving and attended my uncle’s ‘Alpe’ friends Halloween Party. We never knew there was a costume competition and WE WON!!!! lol.

Tim and I won ‘best couple costumes’ and the prize was a free meal with drinks at an American Sports Bar. Awesome!! FREE BURGERS FOR US. WUHUUUU 🙂


My uncle won ‘best costume’, when they announced that my uncle’s the winner, his friend shouted ‘EVERY ****ING YEAR. He really does put 200% effort on his costume and does it by himself. He’s great and talented.

Many people wore awesome costumes, a group of female friends went as ‘Female Avengers’. They were adorable.

We had fun mingling with people and enjoying the music and of course glad we WON.