Oman – Swimming in Musandam

When the government announced that we were having a public holiday, we immediately contacted a travel agency to book us a day tour to Oman. Tim invited my dad to join us on this trip.


So at 5AM, Tim and I drove to my dad’s place since we agreed with the travel agency to pick us up from there. We got there and had breakfast and at around 7AM the driver picked us up and drove straight to a place called Musandam in Oman.



Awaiting at our destination was a traditional Omani boat ready to cruise us around. It’s the perfect way to enjoy swimming and in addition to watch wild dolphins.


It was hell of an experience to be able to do such adventurous activity in the GCC so if ever you visit UAE, dedicate a day for Musandam, it is really worth it.


Wild Dolphins in Musandam




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