Philippines – Climbing Taal Volcano

Tagaytay is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the Philippines. We went on a road trip to visit the famous Taal Volcano, which is located in the middle of a huge lake. Our trip was accompanied by my cousin ‘Caesar’, his wife ‘Diala’, my aunt ‘Marina, her husband ‘Tony’ and my brother ‘Mohammad’.

*Below pictures are from our boat ride to the volcano. My aunt’s husbands is not in the picture because he decided to stay back to get some rest. 



While booking our boat, we had to hide Tim in the car in order for us to bargain a good rate. If my fellow kabayans (country men) saw a foreigner, they’ll assume we have lots of money and they’d increase the price. My aunt even had to remove her jewellery.

Just so you know, we paid approx. PhP 1000 for the whole boat and for a round trip so don’t let them rip you off.


As we got to Volcanic island, my aunt and Diala decided to wait for us at a coffee shop. We on the other hand continued our journey to the volcano. Little did we all know, it would be so tiring and HOT. I was wearing jeans so that didn’t help (WRONG OUTFIT). I was dying and kept getting bitten by insects. I also had an allergic reaction. FYI, I’m a desert girl but I’m allergic to heat. LOL.

I was at the verge of giving up several times and I kept crying all the way up to the top but honestly, it was all worth it. When we got to the top of the volcano, we drank lots and lots of coconut water. It was really HOT but as soon as we were able to stand on our feet, we walked towards the volcano and were amazed by the view. Before heading back, we shot some golf balls to the volcano pit and the view, oh the view was spectacular.


When we got back, my aunt had to rush me to nearest pharmacy but the trip overall was worth it. We wouldn’t mind doing it again but probably I might need to wear the right outfit.



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