UAE – Celebrating 45th National Day at Rugby 7’s

On 2ND December 2016, UAE celebrated their 45th National Day.

It was the day Sheikh Zayed (1st president) declared that all 7 Emirates unite together and create this wonderful nation called ‘United Arab Emirates’. I’m very fortunate to be born and brought up here and I’m glad Tim and I will be settling here for some time before our next venture. I’m one of the non-nationals who witnessed the growth of this glorious country from a desert into a futuristic city. We usually celebrate by eating the traditional Emirati dessert called ‘Gemat’ and watch the traditional performances.

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On that day, Tim and I celebrated at the Rugby 7’s. Since I was invited to the event, I had a separate ticket than Tim’s. I have an amazing view of the field but got bored and spent almost 2 hours on my reserved seat and then moved to the general seating to spend the whole day with Tim. We had breakfast and lunch over there and had a great time watching international and local teams play against each other and joining the energetic fans screaming and cheering for their teams.


It was a hell of an experience for me since I don’t know anything about Rugby. It was a 3 day’s events and we just attended the 2nd day. It’s a decent event for families because the adults can enjoy the drinks and the games while the kids are entertained with children playgrounds and activities.

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Overall we had a great time and I learned a lot about Rugby. What’s cool about the 7s is that each game is 14 minutes rather than the norm of 80 minutes so you will never get bored because the teams keeps changing which makes Rugby interesting to watch.

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It was a fun and one the best ways to celebrate national day.

Happy 45th UAE

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