Philippines – Holy Water & Holy $#!T

We got picked up really early  and dropped at a station to take a van to join a group of tourists to head to the Underground River. *Phew* lool

We arrived at a meeting point with other groups to take a boat to get to the other side of the island. The tour guides gave us our group number so we won’t get lost and also be able to identify our team.

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As we got to our destination, we were so mesmerised by the scenery that we decided to just enjoy the moment. We were later called to get on a small boat that took us to the cave and were instructed not to open our mouths in the cave because either we would taste the dripping Holy water or Holy S*** from the Bats so literally S***.

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Mid way through the cave, I kinda got bored and decided to play a prank on my brother and cousin who were sitting in front of me. I’d take a handful of water and pour it on their neck. I heard them whisper to each other “Is that bat S***?” “Yes, I think it’s Holy S***”. Tim and I couldn’t stop giggling. Gosh! I know, I’m evil.

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On our way out, the tour guide told us to get ready for our next activity  and later asked each one of us who wanted to go on the Sabang X Zip-line or had the choice of enjoying lunch on the beach. Obviously we went for the Zip-line and the group got split into two.

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Mohammad and Marvin

The view from the zip-line was WOOOOW!!! Anyway as soon as we got to the other side, we were wondering where the HELL TO GO.  We actually thought our tour guide would be waiting for us to take us to the restaurant but no one was there. So we decided to walk and navigate our way to civilisation.

After walking for God knows how long, a random jeep found us and decided to help us find the restaurant. As soon as we located our group, we were like monsters we attacked the buffet and kept eating and eating and eating. After a long day of activity, we went back to our hostel/ resort and hanged out by the river.



We really did enjoy our time in Puerto Princesa, there’s so much to do there. Till we see you again beautiful Island.*Note: You don’t have to book tours in advance, there are many tour guides at the Puerto Princesa airport but BARGAIN your rates. Luckily, my cousin arranged the trip for us but seriously always BARGAIN.


Our random jeep ride



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