Philippines – Trip to Laguna and Antipolo Windmills

My Tita* Marina and her husband Tito* Toni took us to Laguna and Antipolo Windmills with Tita Ester and  her husband Tito Ernie.

*Tita is the Filipino word for Aunt and Tito means Uncle. 

Hahhahaha I just realised how that sentence above is long, just so I can introduce you to my family.

Anyway we (referring to my Filipino familia) are originally from a place called Illocos Norte which is known for windmills so my Illocano family said since they can’t take us up north to see the windmills better visit antipolo instead which is closer to their houses.

Although it was a long drive to the windmills, the scenery was stunning. Surrounded by all the greenery and nature. We visited a small museum that displayed images on how a windmill works.



Anyway we didn’t stay long so we continued our trip to a province nearby called Laguna. We wanted to go to Pagsanjan Fall* but the tour guide was ripping us off. So here’s the thing, we paid around PhP 1000 for Tagaytay for a whole boat but in Laguna they were charging us PhP 1000 for each person so HELL WITH THAT.

*Pagsanjan Fall: A famous waterfall located in Laguna and is a tourist destination. 

We were all starving so we went to a restaurant near the city gate that was built by the Spaniards. I sincerely apologise but I don’t remember the name of the place. It was really hot that day and I felt ill. The waiter at the restaurants gave me a bag of ice to place it on my head to be able to cool down.

Honestly, there are lots of places to visit in Laguna and so many adventurous things to do but I just wanted a nice quality time with my family and enjoy their company so unfortunately I cannot recommend anything about Laguna but all I know they are known for ‘Hot Springs’. Add Laguna to your Philippines list. You won’t regret it.

Laguna 01.jpg