USA – Empire State VS Rockefeller

USA – Empire State VS Rockefeller

Tim and I purchased a CityPASS booklet and in that booklet included tickets to the Empire State and Rockefeller Observation Deck. We were a bit hesitant on which one to go to because we expected to see an equivalent view of the city. However, there is a difference. In this blog, I will state the Pros & Cons and accordingly you select which building you’d be interested in visiting.

Although the Empire State being an iconic building and all, we personally liked the Rockefeller. Below are my opinions of both skyscrapers.


Empire State:


  • Iconic & Historical New York City Tower
  • Main Deck 86th Floor & the Top Highest Deck is 102nd floor
  • Empire State has an Exhibit on the 80th floor
  • Taller than Rockefeller


  • Queue is long
  • You’ll have to pay extra for the Top Deck – The Ticket Prices are: Main is $34 and Top Deck + Main costs $54.
  • Top Deck is a small area. So if you are claustrophobic I do not recommend the 102nd


Funny Incident: While waiting for the lift to get to the 102nd floor, the female guide asked us where we’re from. So this is how our conversation went


Female Guide: Where are you from?

Me: Dubai

Female Guide: OH WOW! AMAZING! Dubai has the tallest tower in the world. Have you been there?

Me: Yes. I actually work for the developer and I’m in the tower almost every day.

Female Guide: What’s the highest floor you’ve visited?

Me: HAHAHAHA 151st

Female Guide: OMG! What are you doing here? *Laughing Hysterically*






  • An amazing view of the Empire State
  • No long queue
  • $34 for the observation deck
  • Might run into Jimmy Fallon but we didn’t


  • Located on the 70th Floor
  • Not as iconic as the Empire State





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4 thoughts on “USA – Empire State VS Rockefeller

  1. The Empire state building is more iconic but I personally think the views from the Rockefeller center are more stunning, plus you will have the Empire state building in the picture.

    I was there last month and took some awesome night shots. If you want to have a look under “destinations”. I wonder what you will say.

    1. Yeah I agree with you completely that’s what I’ve mentioned on the blog. That’s why the main picture is the Empire State taken from the Rockefeller :D. Will check out you blog 😀 Thanks for sharing

    1. LOL we just discussed the comparison between Burj Khalifa and the Empire State. I explained that the view is completely different. In Dubai, we’ve got a city + the desert however in NYC she’s got lots of buildings and greenery.

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