USA – 9/11 Tribute and Walking the Brooklyn Bridge

USA – 9/11 Tribute and Walking the Brooklyn Bridge

We happened to be in New York on 9/11 so we decided to visit the new Trade Centre Tower which is now known as the Freedom Tower. Americans are so patriotic; we saw this guy who wore the suit made cover with the US flag from head to toe and other people dressed as the Statue of Liberty. As we got there, many families and extended family and friends visited the site to pay tribute to the victims of the attack.



As we walked to the other side of the tower, there was a memorial fountain, size of the second tower that collapsed. There is also a special tree at the location that no one is allowed to touch, it’s the only tree that stood during the attacks when everything else got destroyed.




Tim and I later continued our journey heading to Brooklyn Bridge, we later rented a bike which made me panic a lot because I never rode a bike on the streets before. As a child I always rode my bike at the park.

Anyway after my sudden panic attack, we decided to continue by foot and I think that was a better choice because the bridge is just filled with people so riding a bike on the bridge can be a irritating. Walking the Brooklyn bridge is something you must do when you visit. It’s the perfect location to take pictures of Manhattan and once you get to Brooklyn, it gets even better to take AMAZING pictures of the city and the Manhattan Bridge.


I fell in love with Brooklyn, its so industrial but I love it. The people, the ambience and the place is so for hipsters. I LOVE IT. I can see myself sitting there enjoying a cup of coffee while blogging. Tim and I bought some snacks and sat at Brooklyn park and enjoyed watching the people pass by.



After enjoying the scenery, we ought to head back by taking the subway however we found an awesome market that sells handcrafted stuff and second hand items underneath the bridge. We later did our last stop at a coffee shop before heading back to Manhattan.



Look at how cool Brooklyn looks. No wonder the Beckhams named their kid Brooklyn.



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