USA – 4 Hours in Hoboken, New Jersey

For a change we decided to check out New Jersey. Our receptionist at the hotel advised us to check out Hoboken so we took a train that went straight there.


Honestly, there was nothing to do and we even arrived clueless and didn’t know where to go. So instead we stopped at a starbucks and checked in on facebook. The most highly recommended place was the Hoboken Waterfront Walkway. My friend Renee commented on our check in post saying to visit Carlos Bakery so in 2 minutes, Tim took a picture of me under the Carlos’s sign.


We didn’t do much but we walked a lot and stopped at a park and did some people watching. Tim and I have this thing of observing our surroundings and we discuss whether we would live in that place and if we did, how will we survive.



Anyway we decided it was time to head back to New York but before I wanted to stop at a local store to buy some items. I always love collecting bracelets, earrings and necklaces from around the world and every city if possible. I stopped at this store and became friends with a girl named Wendy who worked behind the counter. Wendy is studying Architecture and told me she was interested in the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi so I sent her some pictures. Anyway I bought a nice necklace and decided to go for a walk at the Waterfront then we decided to head back to New York City.



Good thing we did because as soon as we left a storm began and it was pouring in New York City.



Anyway New Jersey is a state I’d like to visit again but for sure some other city. Hoboken wasn’t exactly the right choice but CARLOS Bakery is a MUST.



Map to Carlos’s 😉


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