USA – Museum Hopping in New York City

USA – Museum Hopping in New York City

Well I bet yall heard of island hopping but did you ever hear about Museum hopping. LOL well Tim and I dedicated a whole day just to visit museums and we achieved visiting 3 of them in a day. It was tiring but also fun. There are loads of museums in the city to see but we went to the ones which were included in the City Pass which are also the main attractions.

American Museum of Natural History

As soon as we got there, the first stop was SPACE and SCIENCE. Yup! Tim’s stuff. I felt like a Kardashian but I did make an effort to learn and allow Tim to explain space stuff to me. It was like he was Sheldon and I was Penny. It did exhaust my brain but it was worth it because it’s taught in a simple friendly way.

We later visited other sections of the museum and the best part was visiting the dinosaurs remains and fossils. I had a great time learning about nature and history of humankind

The museum is huge and there are a lot to see and as you may know the movie ‘Night at the Museum’ was filmed there. We saw a teenage girl showing the security guard and the information desk a picture of Owen Wilson and asking where was he located. They kept telling her ‘Girl, he ain’t here. He is filming in LA’ lol


Metropolitan Museum of Art

Yup! My kind of museum. Art & Culture is what I love. It has a mix of cultural, historical and modern art. Any art lover will enjoy. So much to see and the best place for artists to be inspired.



Guggenheim Museum

Funny story. So we had 2 options to pick either Guggenheim Museum OR Rockefeller. I really wanted to go to Rockefeller but Tim insisted for the Guggenheim. As we got there, the ticket lady informed us that half of the museum was being renovated and we can pay half the price instead of wasting the City Pass voucher. So we did as we were told and we were glad we did that because the artworks that were being displayed were not that impressive, otherwise the bldg. was amazing.



In addition we visited Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum and Museum of Sex on a separate day. 



Sex Museum.jpg

Sorry guys I can’t post more than the picture above. Visit the Museum and see it for yourself LOL.




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