My Top 5 Favourite Things About NYC

If you read my Love & Hate blog about New York City, you’d think I extremely hate the place but I don’t. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t say ‘I left my heart in NYC’.

So here are my Top 5 favourite things about the Big Apple.

Love & Hate Relationship with the Concrete Jungle: 

  1. Museums:

Museum Hopping Blog:

The amount of museums the city has got is incredible. They’ve got variations of Arts, Science, History, Nature, SEX lol and many more. You can learn a lot and I wish we had this amount of institutions here in UAE.

Although Tim and I went Museum Hopping there were a lot more to learn. If I lived in NYC, I’d be hanging out in Museums a lot. In addition, if I was ever lost, you will find me in the New York Public Library.

One of my favourite place I’ve visited and really affected my mood was Ellis Island. Yes, it was depressing and disturbing but I’ve learned a lot about what the immigrants have gone through. Especially that my great granddad was one of them, I had a personal connection to it. By far my favourite place of course is Statue of Liberty.

Below are links to my blog about Museum Hopping and Ellis Island.

Visiting the Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island 

Museum Hopping in New York City


2. Broadway & Time Square:

Out of all the shows that were showing on Broadway, Tim and I had to pick one because we didn’t have enough time.

After struggling on selecting a show, we finally settled for ‘The Lion King’. I don’t regret it even a bit. It was spectacular, incredible and startling. Mufasa’s death still makes me cry and I had a great time singing along to our childhood movie. Broadway is Art and I would so go back and watch other shows such as Chicago, The Phantom of the Opera and Wicked.

Lion King.jpg


3. Street Food and Food in General

New York is very similar to London and Dubai when it comes to restaurants and dining however street food is one most awesome thing about New York because its cheap, its fast service and its HALAL.

Tim and I ate a lot in New York from street food, to diners and to Asian fusion restaurants. We dined at a Japanese restaurant in Time Square and they served the best seaweed salad EVER. We also had the most delicious Ethiopian food in Harlem.

FOOD BLOG (2).jpg


4. Central Park

Man!! that park is HUGE. It’s so lovely too. We went for a stroll and sat on the swings and enjoyed people watching but we had to leave as soon as possible when our romantic outing turned into a nightmare when I saw a huge EFFIN RAT. I made Tim carry me on his back.

*For people who don’t know me, I’m really scared of rats.

Central Park.jpg

Central Park.jpg

5. Brooklyn 

If ever I live in New York, I’d pick Brooklyn. I don’t know why but I love love loveee the ambiance and the urban hipster looking place. It’s also got awesome coffee shops everywhere to try.


Guys, I really don’t hate New York and I do recommend you to visit it but personally it isn’t the place for me.

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