Appam Corner – Dubai Investment Park

One of the best and affordable Indian restaurants in Dubai Investment Park. We gave it a try when we read free unlimited Appams and visited quite few times ever since. Appams are type of bread displayed in the picture below.


Tim had the meat thali while I had the veggie thali. Thali is a meal where different types of curries are served on a leaf.  When I say it’s affordable, I do mean it; the meals range from £2 – £6. If ever you feel like having Indian food, do give it a try. Thali’s are always the best but only served for lunch so if you go there for dinner I recommend the Tandoori Combo.


The restaurant is good for people who love meat and vegans.

Female Solo Traveller

At a recent party we attended, Tim and I were introduced as the travelling couple. So obviously people ask the standard questions “where have you been?”, “Did you meet abroad”, “Where is your next destination?”.

So one of the female guests at the party asked me, “have you ever travelled alone?”. My response was “of course, I was once a female solo traveller before I met my husband.” With that answer, many questions followed … so let me illustrate how the conversation continued.


To every girl who dreams to travel alone, please continue reading and to every guy, please support solo female travellers. One of my favourite female travel bloggers is Adventurous Kate, I regularly read her blogs and follow her on social media and I think she is the biggest example of ‘Female Solo Travellers’. Another female traveller, who I find extremely inspiring is Sonia Gil and check out her YouTube videos under the name of  SoniaTravels. I adore her because she loves adventures, travelling and mainly learning a new language which is my primary interest in life.


Here are the Q&A’s that are frequently asked and my answers follow.

  1. What is cool about travelling solo?

Travelling solo is the best way for self-enrichment. It’s the ultimate experience for oneself.  Best thing about it is that you get to do whatever you want whenever you want. You can wake up whenever and you can eat whatever and discover new places wherever. No one will interfere in your schedule. Solo travelling gives you the feeling of independence and freedom. It helps develop your personality and makes you stronger to face the world.

  1. Is it safe to travel alone?

Before travelling to any country, you must extensively research the place. The countries I’ve travelled to were safe and I did not face any problem. However, because of researching, I knew which places not to visit alone. Oh yeah! my first destination was India and I stayed 3 days with friends and continued on my own. I avoided further areas to travel alone as it was too risky especially that I was 20 years old at that time. So please RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH and trust me travelling alone isn’t as scary as you think.

  1. Where to stay when travelling alone?

I recommend Hostels and yes, you can find safe and clean ones. Check out and always read reviews and search locations before booking your stay. Hostels are the best way to make friends and meet other travellers. I met my husband at a hostel. (Check out How We Met)

Also a safe and beneficial accommodation would be staying with local families. That way you can embrace and learn their culture.

  1. What is the biggest obstacle when travelling alone?

Taking the perfect picture of myself. I don’t want my album to be filled with selfies and when I do ask someone to take my photo, it always looks terrible.

  1. What’s your advice?

Besides research about the country. I’d also add follow your instinct and YEAH girl that gut feeling you get is always freakin’ right. Never ever act foolish and don’t trust strangers immediately. If you don’t feel safe then just stay in your accommodation and don’t go out after a certain time.

So far 2 of my close friends took my advice and travelled alone and they said they’ve never experienced such a convenient travel.

Many other questions follow like “Do you like to travel alone or with your partner?”.

Now THAT, ladies and gentlemen will be discussed in the next post.

soooo……will be continued….

*Hey if you took my advice travelling alone do message me and share your experiences and whoever did, please share your stories in the comments below. lets motivate others WOOP WOOP 🙂 🙂



I’ve been travelling since the age of 1. My first trip was to the Philippines; however, my mum and I had a stopover in Brunei which makes it the first country I’ve ever visited. As a child, my travel was limited and it was only between Lebanon and Philippines. Since being born and raised in Dubai, my parents did not want me to forget my roots.


My first diverse route was to Syria where I visited historical places. Syria was only a 2 hour drive from where we stayed in Lebanon. Then in 2010 I’ve travelled to a new destination outside my comfort zone and that’s where I caught the travel bug. That destination was India, later I couldn’t stop travelling; I visited Oman, Brunei again, Spain, Germany and Malaysia. So from family travels, I diverted to visiting new destinations outside my culture to witness the other countries touristic attractions.


Years later in 2014, I booked a last minute ticket to Singapore and ended up meeting my husband. Our trip included fun activities such as visiting Singapore Zoo and Universal Studios. In my blog ‘How We Met’ ( , I’ve mentioned that we met every month in a new country to sustain our long distance relationship. Since they were short trips, we became travellers who squeezed a lot of touristic attractions and fun activities in a short period of time.


Once we got married, our travel habit has changed. Since we both have full time jobs and have limited annual leave, we decided to visit as many places as we can and the trip ends up to be rapido rapido rapido……

After taking 2 weeks off of work, we managed to visit Japan, Philippines, Macau and Hong Kong. I was beyond content and especially that Japan affected me a lot. I thought I took really awesome pictures for the blog and social media accounts until 5 of my friends who visited Japan a week after me took similar pictures and that’s when I realised that Tim and I need to change our travel style.

2017 trip.jpg

When I was having lunch with Tim and my brother ‘Mohammad’, I was telling them that something was missing in my travels. I want something different and unique. At this stage, I’ve decided to travel to new places and learn as much as I can until I find the right style. Where myself and others can benefit from.

So for now and hopefully not for long, we will be the kind of travellers who cram as much knowledge as we can but someday we will find what I’m searching for.


Arabian Tea House

Arabian Tea House was recommended by my dear friend Christina. Tim and I visited old Dubai several times for Art Night, Dubai Treasure Hunt and many other events.

Arabian Tea House (2)

Arabian Tea House is one of the few original and cultural places in Dubai that serves Arabic food in an old traditional Emirati house. The restaurant is a mix of Gulf and Levant dishes. Their Arabic coffee is a must; they prepare it really well. If you ever want to try it make sure to ask the waiter to boil the coffee, it brings out the flavor.

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The prices are fairly reasonable and their salads are very delicious. If you are visiting from abroad, I recommend you take Al Fahidi station and walk towards the Dubai Museum or Creek. Take the traditional Abra ride for AED 1 equivalent to £ 0.21 to go to the Gold Souq on your way back take the Abra and stop at Arabian Tea House for a traditional meal.

Arabian House (5).jpg

Arabian Tea House (1)

Sahtein – Bon Appetite