Digital Marketing Event at Hangry Hangers

Ever since I started following Hangry Hangers on Facebook, I constantly check their upcoming events. In addition to that, I joined EventBrite and registered online for Digital Marketing Event for Start Ups.


Besides the fact that this website is a startup, we also have future plans to start our own business so we thought this event would be a great opportunity to market our services and also can be cost effective. Tim and I learned a lot about Digital Marketing, Web Content and Social Media. The event was organised by The Bureau Dubai. 


The Bureau Dubai helps entrepreneurs set up their business or even assist start ups. They’ve got service office you can lease. Not necessary an office, you can also rent a desk.

As mentioned in my previous blog, Hangry Hangers offers street food. We ordered from Hooked and they cooked the meal and served immediately, Tim had a Teryaki Beef Pita Taco and I had Tofu Pita Taco. A fusion of Asian and Mexican and must I say ‘es muy delicioso’.


So here is a summary of the post.

  1. Looking to attend a useful and valuable workshops and courses, check out EventBrite.
  2. Want to start up a company in Dubai, then contact The Bureau Dubai.
  3. Hang out at Hangry Hangers with Friends and Family and enjoy your time


*It is not a sponsored post and opinion and photos are my own.


If you see your picture featured and don’t want it to be, email me with link and I will take it down right away.

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