12 hours in Nara

Tim and I headed to Nara early in the morning to Nara. We really wanted to visit Nara Park because of the Deers. OMG! They are everywhere and they are adorable. You can buy biscuits from the ladies selling on the side of the streets. Each bag of biscuits costs ¥ 150.



Word of advice, DO NOT SHOW ALL THE BISCUITS TO THE DEERS. THEY WILL ATTACK. I REPEAT, THEY WILL ATTACK. Tim and I spent the day walking in the park feeding deers. There were even Japanese students who interviewed Tim because they were practicing English.

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After a long walk, we came across a small market that sells street food and the Todai-ji Temple. You must visit it, it has the biggest Buddha in Japan.  Todai-ji’s main hall also known as Daibutsuden Hall is also the biggest wooden building in the world. In the area you will come across the Todai-ji Museum.



Tim and I had an amazing time there and we highly recommend the place.


Visited: April 2017

Admission: ¥ 500 (Museum only) ¥ 800 (Museum and Daibutsuden Hall)


JR Nara Line 45 minutes by Kaisoku, 70 minutes by Futsu) and the train departs from JR Kyoto Station in Kyoto and arrives at JR Nara Station in Nara


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