Visiting an Owl Café in Tokyo

Sorry but not sorry, I’m not a fan of cats. Since Japan is known for its Cat Café’s and Tim is so fond of cats, I made my utter best to convince him not to go to a cat café so instead we compromised to visit an owl café. C’mon owls are so cute and adorable and you don’t get to see them every day and not everyone has them as pets.


We booked a 7PM slot with Owl Café & Bar Owl Village located in Harajuku, Shibuya. As soon as we arrived the staff sat us down to have a hot green tea with a delicious dessert on the side while they were giving us a short briefing before heading in the Owl Room. Basically, it’s a small sanctuary where they take good care of owls and set them free once they are recovered.



So here are top 10 things we’ve learned about the owls: –

  1. A group of owls is called a parliament.
  2. Most owls hunt insects.
  3. Owls can’t see things close to their eyes which makes them farsighted.
  4. Owls can turn their heads 270 degrees (COOOOOL!!!!)
  5. There are 200 different species
  6. Owls even eat small mammals and can eat 1,000 mice a year. (This fact made me love Owls even more because mice scare me).
  7. Owls are nocturnal which means they are energetic at night time.
  8. Female owls are larger than males.
  9. Barn owls have heart shaped face (AWWWWWWH)
  10. Owls fossils lead back to 58 million years. (IMPRESSIVE)

Tim and I highly recommend the place. You will get to interact with the owls and the owl experts are always ready to answer your questions.




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