My Top 5 Dream Destinations

Related to my previous blog post about I thought a lot about my top 5 Dream Destinations and wondered when will I go. I’m really dying to visit those 5 places. BUT of course, I want to see the world and see everything but those 5 countries, are on top of my list and hopefully some day I achieve this goal and visit all 5.

Here are my top 5 dream destinations:

1. Peru: Ever since I was a child, Peru was my dream destination. The culture, people and the nature. Of course, visit Machu Picchu. There are many other places to visit in Peru so if I ever visit, I’d like to stay there for one whole month maybe even two lol.

2. Cuba: For SALSA, for the CARS, for the colourful city of Havana-na-na-na.

3. Mongolia: I personally think Mongolia has one of the most interesting cultures and traditions. I’m keen to learn a lot about them.

4. Antarctica: PENGUINS. 😁😁

5. Iceland: just because it looks amazingly beautiful. I would want to stay there for 2 weeks.

So let me know what are your top 5 dream destinations and why.

Laters x

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