Blog Update

Hey guys,

Sorry I’ve been quiet and not posting things and I’m just effin busy and have lots of drafts to post.

Please forgive me but I’m just so busy with finishing off some work since I resigned, I’ve moved to a new city and still need to unpack which I think is a nightmare and end of the month, Tim and I are travelling for 2 weeks to Spain. So, you can imagine my tight schedule.

However; I’d like you guys to know what posts you will be expecting soon and here it goes.

  1. Japanese Food (Visited Japan March/ April 2017)
  2. Hong Kong Market (Visited Hong Kong April 2017)
  3. Lantau Island (Visited Hong Kong April 2017)
  4. Macau Temple (Visited Macau April 2017)
  5. Georgian Food (Visited May 2017)
  6. Our favourite hangout place in Tbilisi (Visited May 2017)
  7. What you can do in 24 hours in Lebanon (Visited July 2017)
  8. Azerbaijani Food (Visited Oct. 2017)
  9. Art in Baku (Visited Oct. 2017)
  10. History of Gobustan National Park (Visited Oct. 2017)
  11. Mud Volcano (Visited Oct. 2017)
  12. Things to do in Bali (Visited Nov. 2017)
  13. Monkey Forrest (Visited Nov. 2017)
  14. Reality vs Instagram -I went to visit a temple in Bali because I fell in love with a picture on Instagram and wanted to go there. It was very disappointing (Visited Nov. 2017)
  15. 72 hours in Kenya (Visited Nov./ Dec 2017)
  16. What are the 5 Big Animals? (Visited Nov. / Dec 2017)
  17. Kenya from Bellion Travels Lens (Visited Nov. / Dec. 2017)
  18. Kayaking in Hatta Dubai. (Visited Feb. 2018)


So, expect those blogs to be posted soon 😊 and wish me luck with unpacking and unit handover and inspection. Gosh! I just want everything to be sorted ASAP.


February 2018 Recap

Nothing much happened in February. I didn’t even see much of my friends and family and did not do any blogging. Tim and I have been working late. February was quite a boring month for me but we did do something exciting; we’ve visited Hatta in Dubai and went Kayaking with my brother, Omar. I will blog about this awesome trip separately.

Destinations we’ve visited

We only visited Hatta which is in Dubai and boarders Oman.

Highlights of the month

  • We went Kayaking in Hatta.
  • We found a new place to stay and Tim has paid the deposit to secure it so we are officially moving to Abu Dhabi or how our friend, Murren calls it Abu Dubai on the 17th of March 2018.
  • Completed my Filipino class. (I need to memorise a lot of words though)
  • Planned our 2018 trips.

What have we watched?


  • American Crime Stories (The Assassination of Gianni Versace) – still watching
  • Grace and Frankie (Season 3) – I only watch it when I iron clothes LOL.


  • Black Panther (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) #WakandaForever

What I read this month?

  • Just Blogs of other awesome travels.

What have I blogged in  February?

As you can see we haven’t done much. Things will start picking up this month and lots of things will happen. 🙂