Visiting Macau Temple

The temple is called A-MA Temple and is located near the water. According to our tour guide, the temple area was where the Portuguese arrived. The sailors asked the natives for the name of their land and the natives kept saying Magook which was the name of the temple, the Portuguese misheard it as Macau; henceforth the Portuguese named the place ‘MACAU’.



The temple is very much ancient Chinese and has a lot of painting and the temple consists of 6 main parts and we managed to walk it all. There was a tree that is thousands of years old, the tour guide said whoever takes a picture of themselves with their loved ones under the tree,Β  will never break up so we took over 100 pictures. JUST KIDDING maybe like 99.


The temple is one of the most visited and iconic places to visit in Macau and it was indeed a fun trip.


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