Georgian Food from Georgia the Country

I’d say Georgian cuisine is one of my favourite. It’s a mix of European, Middle Eastern, Armenian and Russian which I find incredible.


Being half Palestinian, I add a lot of pomegranate in my dish. Whether its syrup or the seeds itself and it’s very similar to Georgian. Their kebabs and their salads are just rich with pomegranate and gives a sweet flavour to a salty dish and lots of sumac.

One of my favourite dish to have for breakfast is called Khachapuri. There are two types of Khachapuri. One is from Adjora region also called Acharuli served with egg and cheese and Khachapuri from Imereti region which looks like a pizza. I liked both but honestly my favourite was Adjora. YUMMMMMYYYYYY!!!!


If you love cheese then you must try Imeruli cheese which is added to the Khachapuri but having it by itself it just heaven.


Tim and I were very fond of the beetroot pkhali with walnuts. We had it at a restaurant in Tbilisi called Kafe Leila, it’s one of the best restaurants I visited around the world and till today my mouth waters every time I think of that place. Everything we ate was delicious and the cafe is vegetarian/vegan friendly. I can go on and on about their food but honestly, there is nothing like Georgian cuisine.  I assure you, you will not be disappointed with their food.


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