Bellion Travels perspective of Japanese Food

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When someone says, ‘Lets go have some Japanese Food’, I bet the first thing that you think of is SUSHI.

People always think Japanese food is all about Sushi and that it is available everywhere you go in Japan. Well guess what? YOU ARE WRONG BUDDY!!! The most common dish you will find in Japan is Ramen. I had Ramen every day and it was DELICIOUS!!! Besides the taste, it’s the perfect meal to have on a cold weather.



When we first arrived in Japan I was so astonished by the vending machines that serves hot drinks and none of their beverages had sugar. 1 week of not consuming sugar changed my lifestyle and ever since I hate adding sugar to my drinks. Only when I’m on my period, I desperately need sugar.



Japan is all about eating and drinking healthy. Yes, they may eat a lot of rice and have battered food but they consume the right and enough amount. The portions are more than enough for one whole meal. I LOVE LOVE LOVEEE how organised their bento (lunch box) is and the way it is packed. We bought bentos for our long train ride. I love organisation and that artistic bentos they sell are just eye catching and it makes me want to buy it all LOL.


Japan will be difficult for Vegans and Vegetarians; all their dishes contains seafood or meat in general. For Muslims and Jews, always make sure pork is not served in your meal because adding pork is also common. So, you will really need to do your research if you are looking for Vegetarian or Halal/ Kosher options.





Tim and I consider Japanese cuisine one of our favourite, we have tried almost everything even their desserts. One thing we really appreciated was the hot green tea during the meal and served after the meal. It really does help digest the food.

So don’t worry Japanese food is AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS.

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