July 2018 Recap

July was all about work and nothing else. With the current market, businesses focus more on budget and cutting cost. A risk we decided to take that I will no longer work due to commute and other matters. Tim and I drove around Abu Dhabi and discovered new areas and few coffee shops which I will write about later.

I’m currently focusing on writing and finishing off the pending trips. Hopefully I will be on track once I’m at home. I still have to write about our Spain trip and things to do in Abu Dhabi and places to visit in the UAE.

So here is a short recap about month of July

Destinations we’ve visited

Tim and I have been going back and forth between Abu Dhabi and Dubai on weekends. We had our friend Maha’s birthday and also Tori’s farewell party. So basically just Dubai and Abu Dhabi. I did a quick a day trip by myself to Sharjah to have lunch with my dad and brothers.

Highlights of the month

  • Breakfast with Tori’s friends and family as a farewell meal. She is moving to Canada and starting a new adventure.
  • Celebrated Maha’s Birthday in Reem Al Bawadi.

What have we watched?


  • Breaking Bad – Season 4 & 5 (I declare it is one of my favourite series)
  • Dark Tourist – Season 1 (still watching)


  • Ant Man and the Wasp – I had low expectation but honestly Marvel will never disappoint you.

What I read? 

I don’t read as much as before. My commute everyday is 1 hour and 30 min each way which takes 3 hours of my day. I arrive home at 7ish PM, finish house chorus make sure dinner is set and ready and I just fall asleep.

The only time I read is when I’m waiting. So in July I’ve been back and forth at the doctors and banks so whenever I take a number and wait I just try to finish ‘The Travels of Ibn Battuta”.

I’m almost done with the book and I have other books which I’m dying to read.

What have I blogged about in June?

Looks like nothing exciting is happening lately. It is also weird that 3 months have passed and we haven’t travelled anywhere yet. We do have travel plans and hopefully all goes according to plan. For the mean time, I will be blogging about Spain and about Life in the UAE. I’m also looking forward to the Warner Bros. Studio in Abu Dhabi.


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