How We Spent 24 Hours in Rainy Madrid

We were really unlucky. It wasn’t my first time in Madrid but since it is the capital and I knew where to go, I told Tim how about we create memories together in Madrid. I kinda regret it now because I did not expect it to rain that much. This whole thing about the rain in Spain; yeah I get them now. I love rain because we barely get it in UAE but Madrid’s rain was just effin’ COLD and dammit, the rain wouldn’t take a break. Oh c’mon clouds STOP CRYING, I want to enjoy my holiday.

So like I said we were so unlucky but managed to do few things here and there. Since it was raining like crazzzyyyy, I suggested to get on a hop on hop off bus and explore the city that way since everything I wanted to do was outdoor, we decided to visit Museo Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza. We looked at a lot of paintings and art work and as soon as heavy rain turned into drizzles, we decided to continue our journey to explore the city.

I really liked the Plaza Mayor when I first visited Madrid, I wasn’t paying attention and I ended up taking Tim to the wrong plaza and we were walking in the cold freezing rain to get on the bus to head to the actual Plaza Mayor. Luckily, the rain stopped so we managed to take a few pictures. As soon as it started raining like crazy, I decided to take Tim to San Miguel Market for dinner. It is one of my favourite things to do in Madrid and THANK GOD it’s an indoor market. We spent hours there trying new drinks and food. Tim and I were really sick of the rain in Madrid so we headed back to our accommodation to rest.

The next day, we took an early train to Barcelona and that’s how we spent our 24 hours in rainy Madrid. It was quite upsetting because my last visit, I got to do a lot more. Hopefully, next time 🙂




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