Warner Bros. Theme Park in Abu Dhabi

YES! You read it right. Abu Dhabi opened a new Theme park called Warner Bros. Tim and I met up with our friends at the Theme Park to enjoy our time. Since our friends have an ADCB credit card, we managed to get discounts on our tickets so we purchased the FLASH tickets which allows you to skip the que. I KNOW !!!! AWESOME !!!!



We arrived at 10AM but the rides unfortunately starts at 11AM so we grabbed coffee and cake and watch a 30 minutes of Warner Bros show. It has clips from Batman, Superman, Justice League, Mad Max, Harry Potter and so many other scenes from Warner Bros production films. As soon as we were allowed to get on the rides, the first place we entered was Gotham City, we had a wonderful time meeting Justice League and Green Lantern and hanging out at the Hall of Justice LOL. Anyway the first ride we went on was the Joker’s play room, I freaked out and wanted to leave immediately.

Other than that, we had a wonderful time in the Cartoon Area where there’s a Tom and Jerry Roller Coaster, Flintstones Water Ride and other fun rides. Tim, Noah (my friends son) and I participated in shows. Noah and I were in a Bugs Bunny Play and Tim was kidnapped by the Joker and was saved by Batman. It was hilarious.

Overall, the Theme Park was designed perfectly for family. They have the adult games and the kids where even adults can join the rides with their children.


If you ever visit Abu Dhabi, I highly recommend Warner Bros.

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