Celebrated my 30th Birthday in Edinburgh

Tim gifted me a 24 hours trip to Edinburgh, Scotland for my 30th Birthday. $#!t!!! 30!!! I actually still feel 20 but when I get up from the sofa or the bed, I hear my bones cracking.

Back in 2015, my friend Katherine gifted us a lonely planet book as a wedding gift. It’s called ‘Lonely Planet Ultimate Travelist’ and one of the recommended places was Edinburgh Castle. So Timmy booked a flight from Southampton airport to Edinburgh. We landed at 8AM and immediately bought a tram ticket to head straight to the city.



As soon as we got there, we walked to Edinburgh Castle. The view was astonishing. I’d add Edinburgh to my top 5 favourite cities in the world. We stopped for a quick breakfast and continued our journey exploring the castle and the historical sites.



Afterwards, we decided to explore the city by foot. We entered quirky stores and bought Scottish scarves and walked and walked the whole day. We discovered local markets, the old town and the Royal Mile. As it got dark, we went to Scott Monument which is located near the Christmas Market. We bought hot drinks and food and watched street performances.




As it got late, we headed to the hotel which was located near the airport to have a good night sleep and we flew back to Southampton the next morning.

We had an amazing time in Edinburgh. Honestly, I was really impressed by Scotland and hopefully I will see more of it soon 🙂


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