BELLION TRAVELS – Bath, Cardiff (Wales) and Stonehenge

The purpose of this trip was to visit Wales. So we managed to visit Bath on our way to Cardiff and we also visited Stonehenge on our back back from Cardiff to Hayling Island.


On our way to Cardiff, we decided to make a quick stop in Bath. Of course the famous Roman Baths and the historical city are a must. So early in the morning, Tim drove to Bath and the first thing we did was of course visit the Roman Bath, we later decided to explore the city by foot.

Bath01 (1).jpg

Bath02 (1).jpg


In Cardiff, we did a quick stop at the Cardiff Castle and the city centre. Where we went for hot drinks, lunch and shopping.

Early in the morning, we managed to visit the Mermaid Quay. The view was lovely and the place looked like a nice hang out area but it was freezing cold. So we decided to drive back home.





Before it got dark and before heading home, we thought OH WELL Stonehenge is on the way. Lets do a quick stop and check it out.

OMG! The place was MAGICAL. Before heading to the site,  we went into a small museum where they displayed facts and theories.


The issue was the weather, so we ran around instead of walking and did quick stops to take pictures. IT WAS FREAKING FREEZING COLD.




We were jumping to keep ourselves warm and my brother, Mohammad took a picture of us LOL

Anyway we headed back to Hayling Island but the drive was the most beautiful drive we’ve done so far in England. The nature and the country side was just breathtaking.

I told Tim, we need to visit the country side next time and just enjoy the nature.

So Yes, we managed to visit Bath, Cardiff and the Stonehenge in 48 hours 🙂


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