February 2019 Recap

I can’t believe we have entered the end of Q1 2019 and it feels like we’ve done nothing so far. Well I’m starting to get a kick start of what I want to do with my life and I’ve been just busy reading and doing lots of research.

For now, we will  put our travel plans on hold because we have lots of things and those plans will affect our finances especially that I’m unemployed it makes it difficult.

However being free also helps me manage our paper work and follow up with necessary documents. I can’t really share what we will be doing but once something comes to place then I will share it with you.

Destinations we’ve visited

Like I said 2019 will be quiet and we have nothing planned yet. However, Tim and I have been going out on weekends to meet up with friends and family so for 2019, we will focus on places we’ve visited in the UAE and particularly Abu Dhabi.

We might be travelling this year to our home countries but other than that nothing planned.

Highlights of the month



  • Did a semi Abu Dhabi tour with my uncle. (Visited the Car Museum and Warner Bros



What I watched?

Netflix Specials and Series:

The Fix: Humorous way to handle world problems. This show makes me laugh.

Narcos Mexico: I haven’t finished it yet but I’m actually enjoying it.

Perfume: I enjoyed the movie so I thought the series would be interesting to watch but I hated it. This is just my opinion.

Conan Without Borders: So I decided to head back to the gym and during my cardio session I watch Conan Without Borders to keep myself entertained.

The Umbrella Academy: The trailer caught our attention and when I watched the first episode I wasn’t impressed but I continued watching the series and actually enjoyed it.


The Princess Switch: CHILDREN’S MOVIE that’s all I can say. My uncle and I decided to watch it because we both adore Vanessa Hudgens #proudfilipinos

Julie & Julia: A funny movie about cooking and I loved it.

Alita: When I first saw the trailer and saw Christoph Waltz; I was like I MUST WATCH THIS MOVIE and we did and I FELL IN LOVE WITH IT.

What I read this month?

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Catch 22: Almost done with the book but I’m enjoying it. It is a classic.


Crazy Rich Asians: I enjoyed the movie but my friend, Renee got me the book and it’s slightly different but still hilarious.


What music did I listen to?

What have I blogged about?

Honestly, I wanted to blog a lot more but my cat got ill and we had to take her to the vet. So she’s in constant pain because of the medicine and I usually stay with her most of the time so I didn’t really have time to write anything.

So this is a recap of February 2019 and will keep you posted with our plans and I hope we do get to travel soon 🙂





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