15 Things To Know About Being with an Englishman

My English husband and I have been together for 5 years. He comes from a small island called Hayling Island. So here is a short blog about what I’ve experienced being married to a Englishman. I just want to confirm that I am aware that accents and habits differ all across England but this is what I’ve experienced being married to a Southern Englishman.

Without further ado, here are 15 Things To Know About Being with an Englishman.

1. Englishmen are charming

It’s like having a live conversation with James Bond and Mr. Darcy

giphy (9).gif

2. They say things differently and it’s a good thing because it expands your vocabulary

Here are some examples;

Knackered: feeling extremely tired.

Banter: to joke

Bloke: a man

Wanker: a jerk

Also you’ll learn to differentiate between American English and British English. For example; trousers vs pants, crisps vs chips, bangs vs fringe and so on…..

giphy (10).gif

3. Englishmen are shy and express their feelings in a simple way

Scenario #1


English Husband: Lovely

Scenario #2

Me: OMG! I really want this. I love the design and it has a lot of tribal detail. What do you think?

English Husband: I like it.

Scenario #3

*Music is playing and everyone dancing*


English Husband: *walks away*

giphy (14).gif

4. Their fashion is spot on and they definitely know how to wear a suit

giphy (15) giphy (16)giphy (17)

5. After sometime you will start to pick up the English accent 

it’s pronounced TO-MAH-TO not TO-MAY-TO

giphy (33).gif

6. They really love a Sunday Roast

MAN! He loves a good Roast.

giphy (19).gif

7. Tea is the solution to every problem


giphy (20).gif

8. Because drinking Tea is scarred in the British culture, you will eventually master the art of making Tea.

BUT STILL if I invite a British person over, I get really stressed about making tea.

giphy (21).gif

9. Arguments will sound more dramatic because of his English Accent.


giphy (22).gif

giphy (23).gif

10. Every time you introduce your partner/ husband to people, they will think you are introducing them to Prince William or Harry Potter

Scenario #1

Me: Hi Friend, this is my husband.

English Husband: Nice to meet you.

Friend: OH WOW! Have you been to Hogwarts? Say something in English.

English Husband: Hello?

Friend: *mimics a British accent* HELLOOO???? OMG! You sound just like Harry Potter.

giphy (24).gif

Scenario #2

Me: I’m just waiting for my husband, he will be here any moment

Stranger: Where is he from?

Me: England


giphy (25).gif

11. You will learn the rules of Rugby

When I first met my husband I kept talking about football and he was like “YEAAHH, I prefer Rugby”. 

I once got us tickets to Rugby 7’s in Dubai and he went on and on and on and on about it.

giphy (26).gif

12. Their comfort food is WEIRD

When my husband wants to snack on something, it’s just stuff I never knew existed.

Such as Minced Pies, Baked Beans on Toast, Marmite (YUCK), Covering Chips with Vinegar or Gravy and so on….

Here is a link to 26 British Food Quirks That Brits Don’t Realise Are Weird. 

But I have to admit, I like some of their quirky food.

giphy (27).gif

giphy (28).gif

13. They will teach you the art of Dark Humour and Sarcasm 

and once you understand it, nothing is as funny as British Humour

giphy (29).gif

14. Their way of laughing is having a serious face and saying “that’s funny”

NAH they do laugh but not hysterically

giphy (30).gif

15. Every reason has to be LOGICAL

giphy (32).gif

giphy (35).gif

So here were my 15 things and let me know what you’ve learned from your English partner.


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