ABU DHABI – Qasr Al Watan

As soon as the Abu Dhabi tourism announced the opening of Qasr Al Watan, Tim and I were like WE MUST GO and so we did.

Qasr Al Watan02

Qasr Al Watan03

The thing is, the Qasr (palace) was only accessible to the Royal Family and the gates were closed for years; so we thought we must see how it looks from the inside and honestly it was incredible. I’m glad they opened it to the public. The Qasr is filled with knowledge of Islamic and Arab heritage and it also has a PUBLIC LIBRARY. YES, A PUBLIC LIBRARY.

Qasr Al Watan 09

Qasr Al Watan 10

Qasr Al Watan03 (2)

The Qasr displays a lot of significant information of the United Arab Emirates and the history of Islam in the Middle East, North Africa and Spain.

Qasr Al Watan06

Qasr Al Watan08

The Qasr is actually worth visiting and it is filled with GOLD

Qasr Al Watan05

Qasr Al Watan07

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