May 2019 Recap

I know I know, I haven’t blogged for some time. I guess if I really want to be a full time blogger or take it seriously, I will need to write and post stuff constantly even if I am not in the mood. Well honestly, I was so busy and didn’t have the time and I didn’t feel like writing. Lots of things happened which I will update about in the June 2019 Recap.

So here is a quick May 2019 Recap.

Destinations we’ve visited

UAE: Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah

Highlights of the month

It was the month of Ramadan so we spent most of the month having Iftar with Friends and Families.

What I watched?

Netflix Specials and Series:

Game of Thrones Season 8: I’m sad it’s over


Detective Pikachu: It was hilarious and creatively made. Maybe because I watched it with low expectation, I enjoyed it a lot.


What I read this month?

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I started reading Travels with a Tangerine


What music did I listen to?


What have I blogged about?

This was a quick update but I promise I will do my best to blog more.

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