How To Get Over A Missing Pet

Let me start by saying, you will never get over it BUT time does heal. It was indeed the most  difficult time. Losing someone is painful and sad but there is closure but when that someone is gone missing that is a different matter. When there is no closure there is no way to easily get over it.

We did our best by notifying each animal group on Facebook, we notified our friends and families, animal shelter and all the vets in the country but still no sign of our baby. As time passed, it was extremely difficult to cope with the situation and I started looking for articles to read about how to get over a missing pet and I couldn’t find any.

So I decided I must do something, it was killing me. So I only spoke to people who would listen to me vent and not give me any advice, I just needed someone to listen. I walked 6 hours everyday during the day, night and late night to look for her. I learned that walking helps you calm down. I turned off my phone whenever I needed to cry. I offered to help others with their pets and I took a break from people.

I’m still hoping she will come back because I miss her so much but I know this is not in my control. I knew I had to move on somehow so I decided to always smile and laugh but deep down, I feel like my heart is still in agony but I know if I constantly kept smiling and going for long walks and helping others,  it would help me emotionally.

I’m much better than I used to be but I always remember snowflake and cry and I really do miss her presence. So I hope and pray she is safe and happy.





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