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I would like to introduce my childhood best friend, Zeinab El Husseini. She is born to a Lebanese Father and a Filipina Mother and is currently residing in Doha, Qatar. Zeinab’s interest consists of being a foodie especially indulging in desserts, she loves travelling, reading and of course FASHION. We’ve known each other since we were babies and I’m so proud to introduce her in my blog and would love you guys to get to know her. So I conducted an online interview with her so CHECK IT OUT 🙂

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Tell us more about ZeeInWonderland?

It is about myself and my journey with Fashion, Style and Positivity. Sometimes, I talk about food and coffee because they’re part of my wonderland.

What is your favourite part of being a Fashionista?

Definitely dressing up and coming up with unique ideas to mix and match my clothing. I take an item that people do not usually pick at stores and dress it up to look fashionable.

When did you realise your love for Fashion?

I used to be insecure with my fashion style. I would pick an outfit and feel embarrassed to wear it in public. Then one day, I realized that whatever I choose to wear is who i am. Then I started dressing up whatever way I wanted and that made me more confident and turned me into a mini fashion icon to the people I see everyday. This is when I realized fashion was my first love.

Who is your fashion icon and why? 

The late princess Diana. Her style was timeless. Classy yet casual. She made any outfit standout and look elegant yet simple.

Lovely choice. Since I kind of got the feel of your fashion sense, can you name your top favourite fashion brands? 

I love shopping at Riva, Stradivarius, Zara, and Mango. I also have the guilty pleasure of shopping at SheIn.

Nicee!!! Do you have any favourite Fashion Influencers?

Ascia. She showed me that dressing up the way I LOVE is one of they keys to self love and self acceptance.

I also love Alaa Balkhy, so effortlessly chic

The sisters Israa and Ghada Othman. Their styles absolutely match my esthetic.

Since I have a Travel Blog, I noticed a lot of travellers managed to do the same mistake which is over packing. So in order to avoid that, how can they mix and match to create several looks/outfits using the same clothes to be able to pack less.

Capsule your outfits with similar color tones.
That way you don’t have to worry about mixing and matching.
Bring two pair of pants(one denim and one comfortable fabric), one skirt or shorts, 3 shirts, 3 dresses, one sandal/shoe. A light blazer. You can mix and match the shirts with skirts and pants. Add a blazer to pants/skirt/shorts. Even wear that blazer with the dresses. Wear a shirt under one of those dresses. Always wear your heaviest clothing and for shoes always wear the sneakers to the airport. That way you pack and weigh less.

How can someone make themselves feel confident?

By training ourselves not to listen to opinions of other people. The most destructive thing we can do to our confidence is worrying about what other people feel about us or the way they criticize us. Let them be.
Another self help should be wearing something that we love. It boosts our happy hormones thus reflecting our confidence to the outside.
Another confidence booster is self love. Admiring yourself everyday by complimenting yourself and avoiding addressing your body negatively. Taking care of your skin and body whether by purchasing products that boost your glow or attending the gym or a even a hobby. Spend quality time loving your own body through words or activities or products such as that famous Korean ten step routine or becoming addicted to makeup.


How did your fashion develop in time?

Oh it started horribly I must say. Especially because I was trying so hard to copy my friends and or follow the norm and i also lacked self love. My fashion developed with my personality I guess. The happier I became, the more creative I also became with my outfits. The more I learned to love my body, the more daring I became with wearing those outfits that flaunt my figure.

Define Fashion Modesty.

Modesty is an extremely case sensitive subject. It has become a title to use against women

Fashion modesty on a general level depends on each woman. Some might define it as not wearing a two piece bikini but only one piece or just shorts and top. Others define it by not wearing revealing clothing or even bright colors. Some might think it’s the abaya. Others niqab. Or maybe a complete headscarf or a turban. It is endless how a woman chooses to define her fashion modesty

On a personal level, fashion modesty is not showing my hair or wearing tight clothes that define my curves because i do not feel comfortable or happy with myself when I do so.

How can I match my makeup with my outfit?

The louder the clothing, the lighter the make up. That’s my motto.
The darker the outfit the brighter the lipstick the lighter the outfit the darker the lipstick

Which fashion era is your favourite?

Our current era. I love how it is a crazy blend of all eras.

Last questions, what is your number one fashion advice?

Love what you wear.
Hate that piece? Don’t ever wear it again.


Thank you ZeeInWonderland for your time.

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