DUBAI – Girls Weekend Activity at Jam Jar

Tim was out of  town and I decided to meet my girlfriends in Dubai for a cup of coffee to catch up but we ended up at Jam Jar and spent the day talking and painting. Jam Jar is like an art space and was founded in 2005. All you have to do is choose your canvas and pay for it and all the supplies will be provided.

Jam Jar 03

Jam Jar01

You can keep your painting with them for it to dry and collect it any day as long as you do not exceed, I think 3 months. Also, if you did not finish your painting, you can always go back and complete it.

Jam Jar 04.jpg

I did not manage to finish mine but I still took it back home since I live in Abu Dhabi.

Jam Jar 02

Jam Jar 05.jpg





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