Bellion Travels Monthly Recap: March 2020

Here we are entering Q2 of 2020. Time is insanely fast and with this virus that is all over the world. Everything is just INSANE. We’ve been staying at home for 2 weeks now and although we are working from home, I find plenty of time to focus on organising things, learning to cook, I found time to paint and read a book and just working on myself.

I will blog separately about things I have been doing at home but anyway here is a recap of March 2020.

Destinations I’ve visited

  • United Arab Emirates: Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah

Highlights of the month

  • Being quarantined
  • Seriousness of Covid-19 in the UAE and the WORLD
  • Visited my family and friends before this chaos.
  • Staying at home and discovering creativity lol.
  • We booked tickets for an orchestra that would have happened on 31st March 2020 but it got cancelled and the event coordinators will refund the amount.

What I watched?


Narcos – Season 2 (MEXICO):

Elite – Season 3:

The Chef Show – Volume 3:


The Platform:

Spenser Confidential:

What music did I listen to?


What I read this month?


What did I blog about?


This was a summary of what happened in the month of March and hopefully things will get better.

Stay at Home and Stay Safe x

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