This blog is going to be different. Its been 5 months since I wrote my last blog and it wasn’t an interesting one, it was about January recap and here I’m writing about my Feb and March recap combined. Many things happened and we got so busy and didn’t have time to sit in front of the computer and type. Although I’m always using a computer, I actually don’t have time to work on personal stuff.

16th of February 2021 was my last working day with the previous company and on the 18th of Feb, I had a farewell drinks with few of my colleagues who I got along with. My new job started on 25th Feb 2021. I managed to have few days off to pack and move to Dubai. Since our place was not yet ready to be occupied, I stayed at my best friends place and I had to study and catch up with my assignments. In March Tim moved our stuff from Abu Dhabi to Dubai but since our electricity and water were not connected, we booked 4 – 5 nights at the hotel right near our new home.

We didn’t watch a lot of series and movies since all we did was pack and unpack and met with my family. We also bought new sofa and a dining table and few bits and pieces from the furniture store.