DUBAI: Road Trip to Hatta

It was February the 14th 2020, Valentines Day. When we all decided to go on a road trip to Hatta, Dubai. Hatta is known for Kayaking, Hiking and Resorts.


Our first stop was Hatta Kayak, we all decided to go kayaking. However, Diana, Danny, Ivan and Xin Wei rented a pedal boat. We then had lunch at an Omani restaurant called ‘Tanoor Lahm Restaurant’. Our last stop was a resort and entertainment hub called ‘Wadi Hub‘. It’s developed by Meraas and we just brought our camping chairs and mats and just sat there had chai karak and enjoyed the weather.

Here are the below locations:

Hatta Kayak


Hatta Wadi Hub by Meraas


Tanoor Lahm Restaurant

Most Delicious African Cuisine

This is strictly my opinion. I have tried Moroccan, Sudanese, Egyptian, Kenyan and other few African cuisines but Ethiopian is my ultimate favourite and I’m sure a lot of people will agree.

My first Ethiopian experience was at home in UAE. Our helper was from Ethiopia and one time we went to her local restaurant and bought Injara (Ethiopian Bread) and she cooked a spicy potato stew and I immediately fell in love with Ethiopian cuisine. The first time, Tim and I had Ethiopian food was at Harlem in New York City with my friend, Marwah. Tim really enjoyed it so we tried several restaurants in U.A.E and his favourite thing about their cuisine is their famous coffee. One of the best coffees around the world.

When we had the opportunity to travel to Ethiopia, the first thing that crossed our mind was OMG!!!! We are going to have authentic Ethiopian cuisine’.

Ethiopian Coffee

Our first day in Addis Ababa, we learnt that Ethiopian Christians fast on Wednesdays and Fridays which means they only have vegan food on those days and avoid meat. I LOVED it because I really enjoy vegan food. My favourite dish is called ‘Shiro’, it is a stew made out of chickpeas. Our first meal was ‘Wat’ which is a spread of the injera bread with lots of stews for everyone to share. Since we landed on a Friday, we had vegetarian stew and their cooked spinach was soo…. delicious.


Tim is a meat lover and especially a red meat lover. At the age of 14 years old, I decided to become ‘pollo-pescatarian’. A person who eats only white meat. That’s why I married a white man LOL. Just Kidding. It was for health reasons and also I was never a fan of red meat anyway. When I married Tim, I tried some steaks from his plate but honestly, I couldn’t have more than a bite except in Tokyo; he begged me to eat a whole Wagyu Steak and once his step-mum cooked steak at home which I ate and it was good too but that did not convince me to like red meat. After turning 30, I decided that I want to cut down my meat intake so I starting having vegetarian or meatless meals on weekdays and eat fish or chicken on a Saturday. My family and friends found it weird but I feel happy so when I knew that Ethiopia had a variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes, I was so pleased.

Ok meat lovers, I won’t bore you. Tim’s favourite dish was ‘tibs’, meat mixed with vegetables and our tour guide told us that the meat are all organic and that I should give it a try. I had a piece and honestly, it didn’t taste fatty at all and really had a fresh taste to it. Tim also liked ‘Gored Gored’ which is a beef stew.



For breakfast, we had ‘Fir Fir’ which is Ethiopian and Eritrean meal. It is basically made out of shredded bread, butter and Berber spice. Berber spice is the most famous spice in Ethiopia. Another breakfast meal is ‘Kinche’ similar to an oatmeal.

Fermented Banana Bread. Technically it’s scrapped from ‘fake’ banana trees. It a tree that looks like a banana tree that does not grow bananas.

When it comes to Ethiopian beverages, all we think about is their coffee and yes, their coffee is extremely delicious. They also have a coffee ceremony.

Another famous drinks are their honey wine called ‘tej’. Ethiopia has a variety of beverages and dishes but this is what I encountered during our trip and I love it and I highly recommend it.

Let me know your favourite Ethiopian dishes.



Bellion Travels Monthly Recap: February 2020

Yeah! So much for promising more content and all. I know, I haven’t been writing or posting anything. Although, I do have 7 drafted blog posts about Ethiopia and places we visited in U.A.E.

Sorry readers, I haven’t been keeping my promises. My colleagues resigned, some went on leave and others are planning to take leave so everything was being handed over to me. I have a lot of work and that is not an excuse, I know. So I wrote a schedule and will religiously follow it to implement time management. To be able to read more, to blog and edit photos. To be able to work efficiently and head to the gym. I’m definitely working on it.

If you are wondering, NO! I’m not quarantined. I have been asked to work from the office.

Anyway enough with negativity, here is a quick update of what happened in February.

Destinations I’ve visited

  • United Arab Emirates: Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Dubai

Highlights of the month

  • Attended a Filipino Indian Wedding.
  • Went to Hatta
  • Visited the Mangrove Walk, Emirates Bio Farm and Al Ain Oasis.

I will definitely blog about those places.

What I watched?


Queen of the South

Next in Fashion

Love is Blind


To All The Boys I Loved Before


To All The Boys 2: P.S I Still Love You

What music did I listen to?



What I read this month?

I’m currently reading 5 books and almost done with 3 of them.

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What did I blog about?

So here is my February 2020 Recap 🙂

Bellion Travels Monthly Recap: January 2020

I can’t believe we are in February already. Time really does fly and I have to admit, I haven’t been using my time well.

Work is killing me, I have been finding it difficult lately to switch off work mode and enjoy my evenings. I also feel like weekends are not enough time to relax and take my mind off of work.

I just need to relax and I still can’t apply for annual leave. Also, they are terminating people left, right and centre and my emotions are just EVERYWHERE. In addition to that, I barely see Tim, he is constantly working and I don’t spend enough time with him. So to whoever is reading my blog, I’m sorry I haven’t contacted you but I really need to clear my mind.

Tim and I are not travelling anytime soon, I’m extremely broke and need to focus on finances. I over spent in December and need to start saving. Hence, our outings have decreased and I’ve been spending most of the time at home.

In March, I will start putting a lot of effort and energy to get content and will share it on the blog.

Anyway, enough with my complains, here is a quick recap of what happened in my January.

Destinations I’ve visited

  • United Arab Emirates: Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah.

Highlights of the month

  • Experienced Theatre by Rhodes and watched Dr. Dolittle
  • Visited Sharjah to catch up with family.
  • Visited Global Village.

What I watched?



What music did I listen to?

What I read this month?

I’m currently reading 5 books and almost done with 3 of them.

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What did I blog about?

I will do my best with better content and use my time efficiently. I wrote down a lot of plans and it is time to implement them. 🙂

5 Days and 4 Nights in Ethiopia

*Not a sponsored post

Tim and I visited Ethiopia from the 29th of November 2019 till the 3rd of December 2019 with our best friend, MIMI. The weather was perfect. It was a short trip and was booked last minute but we managed to do a lot. Thanks to KimKim for arranging our accommodation, our ticket and the tour.


Here is a tip: When travelling internationally to Ethiopia, use Ethiopian Airlines. We booked our trip with Emirates Airlines and did not manage to get a discount on the domestic flights. If you book through Ethiopian Airlines, you can then get the discount by providing your booking reference number.

This blog post is our itinerary around Ethiopia. Honestly, I wish we did stay longer and explored more. Hopefully, another time. I would say Ethiopia is one of the most beautiful countries I’ve visited and would rank it on my TOP 5 favourite destinations.

DAY 1:

We flew from Dubai to Addis Abba and landed in the afternoon. Our amazing tour guide, Mahi took us for lunch at an amazing restaurant called Kategna.


We then went to our hotel to check-in and to drop our luggage. We stayed at a very cozy hotel in the city called ‘Caravan Hotel‘. We became friends with the staff and learned Ethiopian time which I will talk about on a different post. We then explored our area and decided to check out a local cafe which serves coffee and sandwiches but we just went for the coffee and met locals and had a lovely evening.


DAY 2:

We checked out early in the morning right after having breakfast and drove to the domestic airport to catch our flight to Arba Minch.


First stop was at a local restaurant and they are known for their famous grilled Tilapia. Our tour guide recommended to explore the villages before it got dark then would take us to our hotel to check-in and relax.

Grilled Tilapia
Lunch at a Garden Restaurant in Arba Minch

As soon as we were done with lunch we headed straight to Gamo Gofa. They are famous for their vegetable and fruit market. We walked around, met locals and just enjoyed the nature.




Later, we visited the Dorze Village. Their houses look like the Elephants head. Our tour guide, introduced us to the prince of the village and he showed us around and invited us to his place. I will write a separate food post about what we ate at the village and generally Ethiopian food.




As it got darker, our tour guide suggested that we should head to the hotel to check-in, relax and have dinner. We stayed at Haile Resort. The hotel is owned by the famous runner Haile Gebrselassie.


Day 3:

We woke up really early in the morning for a long drive to visit the Konso Village, we walked around the village and bought a tiny mask from there. The site is part of the UNESCO World Heritage. The Konso people are known for cotton weaving and agriculture. Their religion tradition is called Waga/ Waga Sculpture.




Afterwards, we walked around the Sunflower fields and made a stop at the Konso Lodge to have lunch. Since we had some extra time for one more activity, we decided to go hiking at the National Park.




Day 4:

Right after breakfast, our tour guide wanted to take us to Lake Abaya but unfortunately, our boat didn’t work. We waited for hours to get it fixed but we all agreed, it was not meant to be. So instead, we decided to visit the Crocodile Farm before heading to the airport.




I slept the whole flight and when we landed at Addis Ababa. The first thing we did was SHOPPING. We wanted to buy souvenirs for our family and friends and of course US. Tim and I bought a painting, a wooden mask and clothes. We later went and bought coffee beans to take back home. OH MY GOD! Ethiopian coffee is the best.

At night, Mahi took us to an amazing restaurant with live performance called Yod Abyssinia Traditional Food. The food was very delicious and we had such a fun night. The performance was insanely good and they even made us dance.


Day 5:

Our day started at the Book Store, where I wanted to buy books for my brothers and myself. Our next stop was the National Museum of Ethiopia to meet Lucy, female of the hominin species.


Before heading to the airport, we did a quick stop to have a good-bye lunch together at a really old house that is now famous restaurant and is also a hotel. The place is called Taitu Hotel.


We were later dropped to the airport and flew back to Dubai 🙁

Ras Al Khaimah- Road Trip to Ghost Village and Jebel El Jeis

It was the perfect Road Trip. We drove from Abu Dhabi to Dubai and picked up our friends and met my brother and his friends at a Petrol Station in Ajman and drove to Ras Al Khaimah (RAK). It was long trip but totally worth it.



We wanted to discover the famous Ghost Village in RAK also known as Al Jazirah Al Hamra and we did a quick stop at Al Hamra Mall to have lunch and bought a few snacks and drove to Jebel (Mountain) Al Jeis to go on a picnic and enjoy the weather.




We really had a great time and Jebel El Jeis is an amazing place to hike, to go on a picnic and to just hang out. Ghost Village on the other hand, is an abandoned town which is now slowly becoming a touristic attraction. Not much to do there but it was a nice walk since we were a group of friends discovering the town.



Also the movie 6 underground was filmed at the Ghost Town.



Happy New Year 2020

OMG! I can’t believe it’s already 2020. This is insane!!!!!!

Happy New Year Guys

2019 had it’s ups and downs. The down part was that some of my family and friends moved abroad and left the U.A.E for good. Other than that, Tim and I had a wonderful year together. We managed to travel to Philippines, Beirut, Taiwan, Indonesia and Ethiopia.

Here are the 2019 recaps:-

One of the highlights of 2019 is that I started a new job in Abu Dhabi. It isn’t my dream job and it isn’t my favourite but it does pay the bills.

I am no ‘New Years Resolution’ type of girl because it never works but I did write a few things in my journal that I would like to focus on.

Here is my “New Years Resolution” list and I will keep you updated on my blog, Instagram and Twitter.

  • Read more books.
  • Attempt to read books in other languages such as Arabic, Spanish and Tagalog.
  • Save money. (laughing inside)
  • Work hard to get closer to achieving the bigger goals.
  • Sign up for a writing class.
  • Blog more.

So far this is what I would like to achieve or “try” to achieve hehe! Actually there are few events happening in 2020 which I’m looking forward to.

  1. Expo 2020
  2. Our condo handover.
  3. Whatever comes in the way. 🙂


Anyway I would like to wish you a wonderful 2020 and may it be a prosper year for you all. 



December 2019 Recap

Honestly, I haven’t blogged at all. I decided not to be active on social media but I couldn’t resist Instagram lol. I wrote a few drafts of our trip in Ethiopia but other than that I really did not work hard.

I have a love hate relationship with the month of December. I love it because it has UAE National Day (Public Holiday), My Birthday, Brothers Birthday, Friends Birthdays, My Dads  Birthday, Christmas and New Years but then I hate December for the same reasons.

So here is a quick recap of what happened in December.

Destinations I’ve visited

  • Ethiopia
  • United Arab Emirates

Highlights of the month

  • I accidentally ate bees in Ethiopia.
  • I had a quiet birthday at home. I turned 31.
  • Celebrated my brothers birthday in Ras Al Khaimah. We visited the Ghost Village and Jebel El Jeis.
  • Celebrated my dads birthday at Din Tai Fung.
  • Lulu got me a F.R.I.E.N.D.S Birthday cake.
  • Had a Christmas meal with Lulu and Alan.
  • Had a late Christmas meal with Tim’s friends.
  • Celebrated New Years Eve at our place then Al Bandar to watch Yas Island Fireworks.

What I watched?


Made sure it was something Christmasy




What music did I listen to?


What I read this month?

Does the newspaper count? hehe

I’m trying to finish the books that I have started.

What did I blog about?


November 2019 Recap

It was an eventful month. We attended a lot of events and also took the opportunity to travel to Ethiopia for 5 days which I have a lot to blog about.

So here is a quick recap of what happened in November.

Destinations I’ve visited

  • UAE
  • Ethiopia

Highlights of the month

  • We went to Ferrari World
  • Attended Abu Dhabi Art Fair
  • Attended Taste of Abu Dhabi
  • Travelled to Ethiopia during the National Day Holiday

What I watched?



What music did I listen to?


What I read this month?

Image result for Hearts turn

What did I blog about?