USA – Grand Canyon & Native Americans

Tim was the one who suggested visiting the Grand Canyon since we would be in Vegas for few days. So I went online and searched for tour packages Grand Canyon and we finalised and decided to take the air-plane option.


The tour started when a van filled with tourists picked us up from our hotel and headed to a local airport where they gave us an introduction on what to do in Arizona and where we will be stopping. I managed to get a seat next to the pilot so I had a better view and better experience. I was a co-pilot for an hour but on our way back I exchanged my seat with a Korean teenager to be able to take a nap lol.


Anyway when we landed in Arizona, we took a bus around the canyon and stopped at 3 main stops and managed to take lots of pictures. It is indescribable; it is magical and much more beautiful than what you see in pictures in books or on websites. Best part of the trip was hanging out with Native Americans, I find them very beautiful and I’m in love with their culture ever since I was a child.



Before heading back to Vegas, Tim and I bought lots of Native American items and also bought a dream catcher AND worms. YUP! WE ATE WORMS. I would love to visit again and experience another side of the canyon because IT IS HUGE and lots of areas to explore, perhaps on a helipad or walking tour which are the other tour packages.



USA – What happens in Vegas…SHOULD stay in Vegas.

Tim and I flew Virgin Airways from LA to Vegas and booked our stay at the Luxor Hotel (Pyramid Hotel). Although it is an old hotel; it is well maintained and it’s not far away from the centre of Vegas Boulevard.

The night we landed, Tim and I got dressed and walked to MGM hotel to witness the one and only DAVID COPPERFIELD. We really had a great time. Luxor had Chris Angel as their performer and exhibited human bodies and Titanic items but we didn’t manage to do any since we were flying to Arizona the next day.


We managed to visit numerous hotels at the Boulevard and of course we spent most of our time in the Bellagio where Ocean’s Eleven was filmed. I went all fanatic telling Tim ‘that’s where the team stood to watch the fountain’ and ‘that’s the stairs Julia Roberts walked down while George Clooney and Andy Garcia waited’. Anyway moving on lol we later took a taxi and visited the old Vegas where we paid $16 each for dinner buffet and bought souvenirs for friends and families and saw butt naked Cowboys and butt naked Native Americans.


The highlight of the trip was a homeless guy who had a bucket in front of him with a small sign sayin’ “Tip Me to Activate Me” and some random dude tipped him and he just danced like a maniac and started shaking his bum. It was funny to watch.

It was pass midnight and we decided to watch Taken 3 at a dodgy theatre. The place was empty and barely any of lights were on. The guy at the counter looked extremely high, although the whole thing seemed dodgy and weird; we still bought our tickets and watched the movie. Nearing the end of the movie, we started hearing noises and doors locking so when the movie was over and we were leaving, we noticed the lights were off and the emergency lights were on and the main entrance was locked and smelled funny. Don’t worry nothing happened, we just managed to get out from the emergency exit which was challenging to find.



Whatever happens in Vegas SHOULD stay in Vegas…So this is what I can legitimately blog about our trip LOL


USA – Los Angeles & Hollywood BABY!!!

Hollywood the city of plastics and annoying celebrities especially the ones from reality shows. However Hollywood does create remarkable and wonderful movies and so I had extremely high expectations about the city till my best friend Miassar told me that I will be disappointed when I visit which was true, I was disappointed.

Reading about the lives of celebrities, I’d expect more from the city. I found it to be filthy and I was not impressed however I will still go back because of the following reasons:-

  1. Take a picture with DWAYNE THE ROCK JOHNSON LOL (I’ve been in love with him since I was 9)
  2. To attend Jimmy Kimmel’s show
  3. Visit the beaches (we didn’t manage to visit any)

Despite it’s a filthy area, it is a place to visit especially the Hollywood walk of fame.


My friend Christina, who is also a traveller, highly recommended visiting the Chinese Theatre. Tim and I watched the Hobbit, the theatre is actually pretty cool, it’s different than the other standard cinemas. We also took pictures at the Kodak theatre where the Oscars are held.

Los Angeles Downtown is like any other city. There’s always something to do and lots of restaurants to try. We didn’t manage to do much in LA since we travelled to Nevada and Arizona.

Tim and I are planning to visit LA and on our next trip, we are planning to drive to San Francisco. I can’t wait to plan our next US trip.




USA – Burgers & Junk

Our first dinner in LA was at The Counter Downtown, one of the best burger places EVER. Luckily, they opened a branch in Dubai which is like 20 minutes away from our place. Food is cheap and massively up-sized in the States. I was surprised when I found out  that a regular McDonald’s meal is a large sized meal in Dubai.

In the 10 days we were there I gained 4 kilos.

The burgers and pizzas were so greasily delicious but man I just couldn’t finish any of them. There was a pizza place we ate at called Stage Deli in Vegas which did not cost much compared to other restaurants in Vegas but if you want to save up some money in Vegas, dine at any restaurant that serves buffets. It is surprisingly cheap. Check out the HEART ATTACK restaurant, well I wouldn’t be able to eat there.

Milkshakes, smoothies, junk food, candy, everything there is YUMM YUMMY YUM YUM YUM. Tim and I pigged on Mexican food at Olvera Street. The day we both were travelling back home, we stopped at a sub place that sells cheap sandwiches and coffee. Personally the coffee was terrible but my GOD! The sandwich was heavenly. We ate the sandwich at the train station and there was this guy who kept staring at our sandwich and jokingly asked Tim to share his sandwich (I really don’t think he was joking though). I was eating the sandwich with so much love and dropped the mustard on my shoes and oil everywhere ahh it was one of the best sandwiches I ever had. I was very similar to Joey from F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

When in LA, Tim and I stopped at Target and 7/11 to buy chocolates and candies for back home; we managed to buy lots that were not available in Dubai. I was amazed that they don’t sell or even have Galaxy chocolates in the U.S. AND that kinder is illegal in America..SAY WHAT??!!! One thing that surprised me though was the big chips ahoy cookies and it had M&Ms all over it YUMMY, enormous chocolate chip and OTHER YUMMY TO THE TUMMY stuff.

I think this is such a random food blog. Well anyway I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE FOOD.