Singapore – Universal Studios and Sentosa Island

Tim and I were advised not to take the bus or taxi to Sentosa Island because we would have to pay tax. So we took the underground instead which is also known as MRT. When we got there, we explored the island by getting on the Tiger Sky Tower (it’s a ride that rotates 360 so you can enjoy a complete view of the Island) and we went on a Cable Car and managed to take awesome pictures of the island.


We later ran to Universal Studios like little children and took lots of pictures with MINIONS LOTS AND LOTS OF MINIONS and that’s when Tim found out about my obsession lol. We were unlucky because the roller-coaster was under maintenance nevertheless we enjoyed the Mummy ride, we rode it like 3 times or more and also the Transformer ride was pretty awesome. We saw a line of people waiting for a ride and we assumed that the ride would be worth trying. After waiting for a whole hour, it turned out to be a childrens ride. It was so funny. We got on it and just couldn’t stop laughing at ourselves.


If you ever visit which we think you should, well go for Transformer, Jurassic Park (get a rain coat) and Mummy (ITS THE BEST)

What’s awesome about Universal Studios in Singapore is that, you will experience lots and lots of live entertainment and always check the timings for the live shows. Trust me, it is worth watching. We enjoyed watching Water World, if you sit in the first 5 rows, you will definitely get wet.

Well watcha waiting for book your tickets NOW !!!!


 IMG_0413.JPG img_0408

I would love to go back…. 😦 😦




Singapore – $70 Pokémon Jumbo Crab

I met a girl in Singapore who is originally from Hong Kong and she highly recommended trying Jumbo Crab so I searched it online and the place was awarded by Trip Advisor. So I met up with a friend of a friend named Parijat and Tim was with us too and we three decided to try out the restaurant.

The restaurant displayed the huge massive jumbo crabs in a tank; I really think the crabs do look like Pokémon. It’s enormous. Anyway so we ordered 2 crabs to share and 3 ice teas with out meal and yup!! the bill came up to $300. WHATT???? I KNOW!!!

Highlight of that meal which Tim keeps reminding me off, is when I was trying to eat the crab with chopsticks. OK!! I have a reason behind it. So I’m the only girl on the table and hanging out with 2 male acquaintances who I just met so I didn’t want to look like a messy  eater so I decided to pick up the chopsticks and eat in the most “sophisticated way”. Honestly, I looked dumb and couldn’t eat properly. After lots of laughter, Tim said ‘just use your hands’. But NOOOOOOO ME??? USE HANDS IN FRONT OF TIM (because I had a crush on him) . So I asked for gloves which made it even more awkward because for some reason the crab meat kept slipping from my hand.

Anyway we did enjoy our  $70 Jumbo Crab Pokémon. Would I eat it again? YES!!!! But probably somewhere affordable but the restaurant is apparently #1 in Singapore.

That night Parijat had to get back home early so we said our goodbyes then Tim and I spent the night in Marina Bay before he travelled to the Philippines.


Singapore Zoo

The Zoo offers various packages and we purchased the generic ticket along with the river safari + night safari. We started the day enjoying a nice Singaporean meal and afterwards headed to the main entrance. While walking around and taking pictures, we’ve noticed there were stops for performances and the polar bear show caught our attention. It was our first time to see one live and it looked really beautiful. We also watched a seal show which was super cute and funny. The funniest thing I saw was a sign that said “Zebras Exhibit-proudly adopted by KFC”.

Singapore 2

After walking around, we stopped for a break and sat under flickering lights eating Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream and were enjoying each others company. It was kind of like an interrogation because of the flickering lights. Anyway our Zoo trip ended with the Night Safari and we continued the night at Marina Bay Sands.

Singapore 1

How We Met

My husband ‘Tim’ and I love to travel and we do it whenever we have the opportunity since we both have full-time jobs. We both met while travelling; who would have ever thought, buying a last minute ticket to Singapore would lead to your soul-mate.

We were introduced by a guy who worked at the hostel we were staying at and I instantly knew Tim is the one. It’s a feeling I cannot explain. After spending 2 days together in Singapore, we said our goodbyes, exchanged numbers and parted our separate ways, Tim continued his journey to the Philippines and I travelled to Malaysia.

Thinking this is the end of our friendship but Nooo, we just couldn’t stop messaging each other. I later flew back to Dubai and he returned to the UK and that’s when things progressed. We moved from messaging each other to skyping every single day. We in fact dedicated a specific time for Skype. I later asked him, if our relationship will lead to somewhere. He then booked a ticket to Dubai for the weekend to meet me. We then discussed and agreed that we should give it a try and Tim suggested we meet every month in a new country.

The following month we met up in Marrakesh, Morocco and things got pretty serious, we started discussing moving to the other ones country. He then met up with me again in Dubai and we discussed commitment but we thought it would be better to go with the flow.

The next month, I flew to Istanbul, Turkey where he followed me. After visiting the historical mosques Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque, we continued walking towards  the street where the famous Grand Bazaar is located, the street is filled with jewellery stores and Tim asked me to pick an engagement ring, as he wants me to wear something that I love. Being an Asian, I bargained and managed to get 20% off. Tim was insisting that it was okay but I just had to, its in me to bargain.

Months passed and Tim got relocated to Abu Dhabi where we started building our home together and months later, we got married in Dubai courts.

I must say, long distance relationships are not easy at all. When there’s a will from both sides then there’s a way. It takes patience, work and loyalty. If the relationship doesn’t work out, it means he/she is not the one for you and you will realise it in the long run and besides you’ll understand why it did not work in the first place. Also what follows is way better and incomparable than what you thought was perfect.

When something is meant to be, it will happen in ease.