This is strictly my opinion. I have tried Moroccan, Sudanese, Egyptian, Kenyan and other few African cuisines but Ethiopian is
*Not a sponsored post Tim and I visited Ethiopia from the 29th of November 2019 till the 3rd of December
There are 5 big animals also known as 'the big five games' of Africa. Those animals are Lions Leopards Rhinoceros
We booked our flights 2 weeks before the trip and had to visit the travel clinic in Dubai to get
The owner of the Riad 'Rashid' was kind enough to take us to the Atlas Mountains. Before heading there, we
At that time, I just started dating Tim and thought why not plan his birthday since we will be spending it
The Riad organised a personal tour to take Tim and I to Essaouria. On our way to the city, we
Jardin Majorelle (Majorelle Garden) the unique blue house located in the red city of Marrakesh. The house was bought by