Sorry but not sorry, I’m not a fan of cats. Since Japan is known for its Cat Café’s and Tim
I think that’s the craziest thing I’ve done in my whole life. So, unlike Moroccan or Mediterranean bath, you will
We bid farewell to Kyoto and took the Shinkansen to Tokyo. It’s just the complete opposite, the city is filled
We met a lovely group of American girls and boys at the hostel who were heading to Yasaka Hall Gion
Tim and I headed to Nara early in the morning to Nara. We really wanted to visit Nara Park because
One of the best days I’ve spent in Kyoto. Tim and I decided to visit the best and top temples
The first touristic attraction we visited was the Bamboo Forest located in Arashiyama, west district of Kyoto. If you are
I seriously don't know where to start and now that I've started,  I'm not quite sure if I'll ever stop
Tim and I took 14 days off of work; actually to be precis, we took 10 working days off to